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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday: Links to Love!

So, this is first time I have even turned on my computer in like a WEEK!  YIKES!  Well, maybe six days, but that's close enough!  Mercy!  What has gotten in to me?

I'm not being lazy, I promise....but we did sneak off to Raccoon Lake for a three-day mini vacay, and would you believe I did not take ONE picture?  Ok, I took one, but it wasn't very good, so you will just have to know that we had a nice time with Tall-Guy's family, and the girls spent some fun time with Little Cuz and her  bro in the pool.

Now we are gearing up for the beginning of school, which means a major cleaning frenzy, especially concerning any and all boxes of old school "stuff" to make way for the new "stuff" soon to come home.  We are also trying to squeeze in some last minute fun and sun and make sure all is ready for the big yellow school bus coming to a stop here August 15.

I'm going to be a good blogger and share some love today with a couple of my Real Farmwives of America pals who are out there telling our farmers' stories, for better or worse.  First up is Jent over at From My Front Porch.  She takes the bull by the horns in her post "Drought 2012" to show and tell you all exactly what is going on in her family's corn and bean fields.  It IS the elephant sitting in many of our living rooms.  I cannot honestly tell you what our corn or beans will produce this fall.  I know most of the corn has ears, and the beans bloomed with pods forming.  Ag Insurance adjusters have been out to assess some hail damage, and initial drought damage too.  It's a very touchy topic for farmers to guess at their yields for this harvest.

My friend, Meggie, over at Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails, has a very timely article, "The Truth about Gestational Stalls" that gives a very frank and honest account of why it is important and necessary for hogs to be raised in gestational crates.  This is such an emotional topic for some, but we have to realize that the days of raising hogs like Wilber and Babe are gone if we want to feed the world's population in a way that is affordable, not to mention it truly is safe and healthy for the hogs.

Then there is our dear friend Miss Leontine, who is fighting her fourth round with this nasty cancer.  Please stop by her Facebook page: Love for Leontine and leave her encouraging words.  She is such an inspiration with her smile and determination to live every day to its fullest.

Time to go crack the whip on the cartooned-out little girls in the other room.  Let's see what fun things I can find for them to do today.  Don't worry.  Fun is on the way this weekend with a family gathering and a trip to the Indiana State Fair.  I promise to take my camera along for that experience and share when we get back.

Hugs and Love!


  1. I am looking forward to those state fair pics!

  2. I have thought so much of you and other Indiana farmers during this horrid drought. We saw it first hand when we visited our daughter back in July. Interesting what you wrote about Wilber and Babe. People would like to romanticize farming, but it boils down to hard work and long hours and trying to make a profit while being good stewards of the earth and the creatures in it. Look forward to the State Fair pics!



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