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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Nod to Hillary

No Miss Moore.  If you pop in and read this, I'm not referring to you this time; although you are an inspiring young lady.  This nod goes to Mrs. Clinton.  It in no way declares any political affiliation of mine, but I do greatly understand this one thinking of hers!

I have so much to blog about, and I was so excited to have school start so I could get back into a routine and do something I enjoy and am passionate about:  blogging!  But......

Tall Guy's back went out, so we were traveling to the chiropractor a hour away several times to get him back in shape,  He is doing much better.

I broke my rule again, and Tink is paritciapting in TWO sports, volleyball and soccer.  Soccer involves just one practice a week and a game on Sat. morning.  Volleyball now involves no more that three events in one week, that  includes practice and games, so now we are down to a Monday practice and games on Tuesday and Thursdays.

I said I would be one of the volleyball coaches' "go to moms" because both our coaches have girls who are senior volleyball players and would like to see their daughters play this season.  Yes, of course these games overlap ours.  I got the brilliant idea that maybe I should attend a few practices to see just what the heck I was getting myself into, so now I am trying to stretch out and keep up with a bunch of 9-12 year olds when I can make the practices.

Bear has soccer practice once a week and a game on Saturday too~!  NO VOLLEYBALL!  Whew!

I'm also vice president of our parent/teacher org. and we had THREE events in the past two weeks, culminating with Grandparents' Day on Friday morning and Open House on Friday night!  Now folks, we have a grand total of 85 kids in grades K-6 with about 30 in the pre-school/pre K program. For just the K-6, we had about 200 people come for Grandparents' Day and about 160 for our Open House!

And it rained just after the pictures were taken outside.....

And I almost drove the van out of the garage that morning without the top of the van hitting the bottom of the garage door.....Van wasn't hurt too much, and the door was fixable.

And I haven't been sleeping at all at night for the past THREE months, but it's been getting worse, longer periods of time lately.  FYI:  Two Benedryl = ZzzQuil:  both gave me a buzz that allowed me to experience every second of darkness one lovely night.!

Oh!  back to last Friday..... I wanted to take a nap sooo bad after I came home and helped Tall Guy fix the garage door, but I went out to the sun room to work on bills.  I had this strange feeling I was being watched, so I looked up to find FIFTY sets of eyes watching me from my back yard.... YEP the damn cows were out!  ARGGGGG!  (Think Charlie Brown YELL!)  TG and I rounded them back up after I went through three pairs of boots trying to find my pair from the girls'! Theirs are just small enough to look like mine but not allow my feet to get over halfway in them.

And it poured during Open House, but the peeps came anyway bless their hearts!

And it just goes on.  Look forward to blog posts about saltwater shrimp grown right here in Benton County, a behind the scenes tour of the new renovations at Mackey Arena (Purdue's gym), words of wisdom from Bob Stallman, our American Farm Bureau president, how our crops are doing, and cute pictures of kids and cats just as soon as I can catch a break.  We are not in the field yet, but it should be coming in the next week or so.  We are waiting for the beans to lose their leaves.

Right now I am waiting for a call from our favorite John Deere guy to learn how to drive the new combine so that it is ready to go and I am ready to go when Tall Guy says, "GO!"

I also have to go clean out a freezer I am defrosting and then run into town to get all the "stuff" I put in my in-laws' freezer before they realize it!  They have a quarter of beef coming this week!  YIKES!

There has to be a direct correlation between the blessed rains we have suddenly had and the southerly winds blowing wafts of "fertilizer" over my yard because it is growing like crazy; I can barely keep up with it!

Generally speaking, in my earthy way, it's been nucking futs around here for way too long, but I guess that's just the way we are going to roll for a while longer.  I need to get better at time management because my list of things to do doesn't seem to be shrinking any time soon.

We have had time for a few gatherings around the fire ring with the girls and some friends.  Those times keep me sane if not fat with hot dogs and s'mores.  Oh well.....

Keep me posted on how you all are..  I miss you much!  Try to check in with me on Facebook on my Walking the Off-Beaten Path page.  You can also follow me on Instagram.  I'm ibcfarmgirl. I seem to update these two places or at least post quickies there better than on here these days.

Love and hugs!  Lana

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