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Sunday, September 2, 2012

In a Perfect World......

We would be heading out to Earl Park Festival without our new buddy Isaac.  This guy is a great new friend because he brought a lot of rain with him, BUT he is going to put a cramp in our special weekend celebration around here.  It's the 40th Earl Park Festival held in, you guessed it, Earl Park Indiana. We have a six hour shift to work today, and then we go out and enjoy great bluegrass music, and all the fun to be had.  Today, the mud volleyball teams will probably be the most happy while the rest of us try not to get stuck in the mud.  Here is my post from two years ago when the sun was with us, and we enjoyed a beautiful day.  Now I'm off to find my poncho................

There were a lot of inquiries on blogs asking "How will you spend your Labor Day," and I did not respond to any of them,  mostly because I never really know until the day what we will be doing.  This year has been a bit of a treat because the whole family has been taking in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of a local event, Earl Park Festival!

This yearly event is a mecca for bluegrass lovers because that is the featured attraction for the weekend.  BUT a tractor pull, vintage car show, softball tournament, and demolition derby are other crowd favorites.  Did I mention flea markets and wonderful food?  Carni rides and mud volleyball?  How about over 300 campers parked everywhere?  Kind of get the idea that we have it all right here in this little town in the northwest corner of our county?  Where it's difficult to get a phone signal?  And your digital clocks turn back and forth an hour depending exactly on which part of the site you are standing?  Dang!  It's almost more fun than a person can stand!  (That must be why most people bring along chairs to sit down after too much fun!!)

We just took in the music on Saturday night, then pulled a six hour shift selling pop and water for the girls' school on Sunday.  After that stint, we all had ants in our pants, so we went off for some serious Festival Fun!

 Prizes won after throwing darts at balloons!
 The jumpy experience, kind of like bungey jumping only mother friendly!
 Ready to launch Tink!
 Too Much Fun Mom!
 Mud volleyball!  Icky but also fun!
 Car Show~We take this seriously around these parts!
 Love the red!
 Tink, the Brave (NOT!)
 Bear, the Fearless~  REALLY!
 A good time is being had by all. Now where is the cotton candy?????
 One more ride for Bear.
A treat for Tall Guy and me!
 Bluegrass, The Chapman Family
 Bear is trying to look like her daddy.  We obviously found the cotton candy
 Bear and Grandpa, taken by Tink.
A quick rest for the weary!

Here's to hoping your Labor Day is not visited by Isaac, and you can find some sunshine and family love no matter what the weather is dishing out.


  1. Isaac has been visiting us all day! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. Isaac came by for a visit at our place last week. I see he made it all the way up there to you guys! Too bad he couldn't have come up there earlier this year for yall.

    That mud volleyball looks fun, fun, fun! Hope you have a great week!




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