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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bear's Four-Legged BFF

My Grandma Lyons used to ask me this riddle all the time:

"What has four stiff-standers, four down hangers two lookers, two crookers, and one switch about?"

The answer?

A cow, a momma cow to be more precise, and that's all I'm going to say about that anatomy!

We also have a favorite saying here in Benton County, "You have to go out of county to find someone to marry because everyone is related!"

In a county of 8500, it really is possible!

All of this brings me to Bear's BFF, Ladybug.

Remember these two?

Miss Ladybug is growing up now, and soon she will be traveling to Minnesota for the winter with some of her other heifer gal pals.  When she comes back in March, she should be an expectant momma!

Bear has really missed her buddy, so we have tried to visit when we can.

 Then this weekend, we were on our way out "that way," and we stopped by again to see her.

She really is Tink's show calf, but sometimes animals pick their person, and I think these two picked each other.

But then again, Miss Ladybug seems to be good at making friends.  I think this should be the political poster used from today until Election Day.....What do you think?!?!?!?!  If cows and pigs can get along and live in the same space, we humans should learn from them.  Here's to surviving the next week, and making wise choices.!

And here is to Ladybug's safe journey north, along with the rest of the heifers.  Enjoy romping in the snow, and we will see you in the thaw of March.  I know one little girl who cannot wait to see you back here safe, sound, and expecting. :-)


  1. That is just the sweetest post!! Love the photos of the heifer and the girls - and also the pig and Ladybug. Hard to let a BFF go, even if for a good reason. Maybe winter will go fast this year...

  2. Such sweet photos! Nice to see that relationship between the animals and your girls.

  3. I wish this weather would settle down so we. Can finish harvest. Sure sorry for the folks out east just terrible but we have all had strange weather over the last few years.

  4. I just love that photo of the pig and the cow. It should be in a calendar! :)

  5. I love the pictures! Especially Ladybug and the pig! I had to call everyone in here to look at it on the computer. My family is in agreement, that is the greatest pic ever!

    Hopefully winter will fly by for Ladybug's BFF and they can be reunited ;) Have a great week!


  6. Love the riddle, Lana... CUTE!!!!!! AND seeing your daughter with Ladybug is so NEAT... Hope Ladybug has a good winter and comes home with a Baby Ladybug in the spring... Cute pictures--especially that last one.

    That was a neat story about the Air Force Academy Chapel... Thanks!!!

    I had to change back to the Blogger Profile (from Google+) since there was no way ( I could find) to allow my email address to show up on a comment I would make on someone else's blog.. I think it is important to have that email there if someone wants to reply to a comment via email...




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