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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Grief!

I know we have been in a drought, I know we need the rain, but there is a time and place for everything, and really I would be just tickled pink if it would stop raining for the next ten days or so!

1. We have 160 acres of beans up at my mom and dad's to cut, and the ground AND beans have to be dry for that.  You can get away with picking corn a little wet, but NOT BEANS.

2. We has a 1/4 yesterday and an inch so far this morning.  A good lightning show went with this morning's storm, and I was out in the feed lot trying to help Tall Guy replace a bolt that broke in the feed conveyor.  This job blossomed to hand-shoveling all the silage in the conveyor out into the feed bunk because the shuttle still wouldn't work.  Meanwhile it's still pouring down rain, I'm praying my boots are water and liquid poo proof because that is what I had to wade in to get to the feed bunk, then there are about 15-20 hungry, market-ready moos behind me wanting to eat (that's about 1300 lbs a cow!), and my fearless dog has my back as it lightnings all around me.  LOVELY!  It did finally start working again.  I did make it back to high, somewhat dry ground, and then back to the house where I now need to get totally freshened up from head to toe to go sub for the sixth grade teacher this after noon.  The boys, TG and FIL, went on down to the sale barn to see how our 9 cows do at the auction.  If they bring back any feeders........so help me........Well, I will just deal with that when/if it happens because that will mean working each calf that comes on the farm to make sure he/she is healthy, and this isn't the ideal weather for all that.
These pictures were taken at a drier moment!

What really keeps me sane, even though I am now 50 years old, is catching barn kittens and cuddling with them.  There is just something about a cute ball of fur that melts me and calms me down.  We have two that the girls and I can catch.  The spoiled tool-shed cats aren't too happy about sharing the attention, but they can just get over it.

It's hard to take good pictures of them on the move with my phone camera, but I did find a cool extra on my Camera360, a light that works like a flashlight for dark places!

The storm is letting up, so I had better make a mad dash for the shower before Round 2 hits. I haven't had the heart to look, but I hear there is another one coming!  OYE!

P.S.  This probably sounds totally ironic, but I think I have another good book to tell you about!  I've just started it, but it's called The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison.  I bet you can see, just from the title, why this book captured my attention.  Life on the farm is many things, but ordinary and boring are not usually words we use.  There are some regular words that I probably should not mention, but it's always pretty lively.  I'll let you know how this book goes, but so far I like it a lot


  1. Oh Lana. As though a drought weren't enough! I'm hoping the rain stops so you can get those beans harvested!

  2. Though I'm sorry that you are getting rain (and we aren't!) I must say I just love that photo of the clouds and the semi!!
    Good luck with the beans :)

  3. It always seem to rain when I have to feed or get some cows in. But yes we need some dry weather I hope soon



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