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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday or the Best I Can Be at Being Wordless

Trying to summarize what I've been up to for you so you know I'm not always sitting in my chair, eating Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips and watching Young and the Restless!  (that's what DVRs are for!)

Tonight is our last away volleyball game.  Monday ends the season.  Our 5th grade team is made up of entirely 4th graders, who played on the 5th grade team last year as well.  The girls have improved soooo much.  Very proud of them and actually excited that I was able to coach a few games with them so our coaches could go watch their senior daughters play varsity volleyball at our high school.  I LOVE our small-town school and the flexibility it allows all of us to be what we might not otherwise be!  The sixth grade team even won all four sets one night and dared the other mom-coach and I to do a cartwheel for their efforts.  I'm proud to say this 50 year old mom stuck her landing!  WHEW!  NO PICTURES THOUGH... you just have to take my word on it ;-)

Then there was our school's annual Walk for a Healthy Heart Walk-A-Thon. The Good Lord sprinkled on us during our first lap, but the second one was all dry and clear.  The kids really love this day, and it is so great to see them out and about the town with the townsfolk popping out to cheer them on!

Soccer is almost over.  We actually were rained out last weekend as of the Friday before our Saturday games.  I was very excited  disappointed that we couldn't be out at the field at 9:00 a.m. to play in blustery 32 degree weather .  Our last games are this Saturday, unless someone gets a wild hair and wants to try and make up the games we missed.  Bear has had fun chasing that danged ol' ball.  Tink too!

Then last Saturday, Banana Split decided he didn't want to eat. After consulting my experts, I went out to the dairy to get some electrolytes and baby calf penicillin.  I can now give a shot to a calf!  My resume just continues to grow, and happily so does this calf.  He's back on the bottle, and acting VERY frisky in the pen with his other buddies.  Ever been inside a pen with a 2-3week old calf?  It's an experience!  You have to be good about sharing ALL of your personal space and even a few of your "parts."  I have already had enough gooses to get through the next 35 Christmases!  It's no 50 Shades of Gray, but they do get your attention!  ;-)

Then I have been back in the combine.  This corn crop I am calling the "Dickins Corn" because "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times."  In one danged pass, I saw the bushels per acre on the monitor go from 0-245!  Seriously! IN THE SAME FIELD!  It's just been nuts out here, but it's all averaging out.  The final number is much lower than last year's crop, but at least we have a number.  I know so many farmers who came out with a 1.5 bushel per acre average.  Heartbreaking!

Helped my FIL fill up the drill so we could plant our winter wheat.  Some we plant for actual wheat, and some we plant as a cover crop to keep the topsoil from blowing away.  It also adds nutrients into the ground.  Want to have a heart attack?  Ask a farmer how much it costs per acre or field to fertilize ground for corn next year.  Let's just say this gal who lived for 18 yrs. on a teacher's salary, would have been in ICU ASAP!

Then there is this big dude!  Remember Jerry?

Here he is back at fair time, about three months and over three hundred pounds ago!

Yeah, well he's been out in the back pasture, honestly a bit neglected as all his buddies across the fence have been "disappearing" (translation: headed toward a grocery store near you!).  He is so danged frisky, and I swear he thinks he is a Great Dane.  You SERIOUSLY do not want a 600+ pound Great Dane prancing all over you, so we are trying to get back out and brush him and work with him so he will remember his manners come fair time next year.  I think I am going to rename him Bubba!

Next I had a refresher course in cutting beans, and off we went behind the house to take that field out. Beans are coming in about normal this year in bushels per acre to a bit above.  That was a nice surprise!  Tall Guy even said this is the first time in 4-5 years the beans have been in the double digit moisture count.  In a drought year?!?!?!?!  See??  Crazy Year!

Then my dear husband called two nights ago after a very long day and asked if I could go up and shut the doors of four of our bins so the forecasted rain wouldn't get the dried corn wet.  Want a great work out?  Try hauling yourself straight up three bins that are about 3-4 stories high.  The fourth one had stair steps.  I about hyperventilated on the second one!  Seriously out of shape!  Who knew?

But the view was awesome!

Now I have to round up these three or three reasonable facsimiles (remember that phrase from old cereal commercials wanting us to send in box tops?  Too funny!).

Why you ask?  Today is Pet Blessing Day at school, and I said I would have three kittens there at 2:00 ready to be blessed.  Then I am bringing my two plus two more home (girls that is), and we are headed to Lafayette for the volleyball match that starts at 6.

So goes days on the farm during harvest.  They can be described with many words, but boring is never one of them!   Be safe out there;  Harvest is starting to wind down for some, but we still have a 1/3 or so to go.

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