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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fun with Toys and Friends!

Tall Guy is still laughing about the title to this post! Naughty boy!

I have received a couple of new toys to play with from my very good friends at Verizon Wireless. One is a very little but mighty gadget called FitBit. Click here for the full description, but I.Think.I.am.in.Love! This is the read out I have from my first day of wearing it. Mind you I did log about 2.25 miles on the tread mill this morning before meeting up with friends at the GREAT Mackey Arena! The first page shows how active I've been. You may have to click on it and view it in its own screen to see the numbers more clearly. I'm trying to keep up with my new challenge to myself. Check out the Year2Challenge badge at the top of my page. Click on it, and join my friend Cris and I and many others in helping each other achieve our goals for 2013! Basically I have been very active for me. :-)

The second picture shows how well I slept last night. I just put the FitBit in it's little wrist pocket and velcroed it on to my left wrist, the less dominant. For those of you who have been with me a while, you know that I have huge sleep issues, so it was nice to see that the meds are doing their thing in helping me get quality sleep time.

One reason why I had such an active day was because I logged 2.25 miles on my treadmill. The other reason was because our family met great good friends at the one and only Mackey Arena for some Purdue Mens' Basketball. Jen and I decided to let the rest of our family in on the fun we have at PU games!

Just have to say that the Alumni Band ROCKED IT! as usual!

Check out these beauties!

This was the first time our girls had EVER met! Can't believe it! They are stair-stepped: grades 5-2. Two are quiet, and two are jibber-jabberers. Two look like their daddies, and two look like their mommies. Two are watchers, and two are the picture takers. Jen and I couldn't quit smiling and watching them. We were yick-yacking about the game to friends on Facebook, yes we can multi-task: yell and text at the same time, and got the brainiack idea to have another family meet us at Bruno's for supper after the game! SIX of our infamous Cactus Crew together plus kids! It was soooo cool!

All pictures taken with my other toy from Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy camera. It sends pictures straight from the camera to Facebook, Instgram, or anywhere else I want them to go.  NO down time taking them home to upload to the computer and then send them out!  Want to know something else? It's so easy to use that Bear took most of these pictures! She DOES have a knack for taking pictures

Now to work at getting the rest of our old crew together, with children. That was one of the best moments of the whole day. Oh yeah, Purdue won! Here's to Boilers, old and new. The future is looking very bright!

 P.S. Have to name drop just a bit. We were at Bruno's, which any sharp-eyed grad from PU would recognize from all the sports memorabilia , and a friend called me over to her table. I graduated with her husband, and she was a grade behind. Awesome couple then and now. She introduced me to her family, which just happened to include new son-in-law David Boudia! WOW! Olympic gold just a table away. It was great to meet him.


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  1. That FitBit looks pretty cool. I'd be really interested in the sleep info, too. Hmmm...might have to check into one of those FitBits.



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