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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Never Say Never!

My fun partnership with Verizon taught me this important lesson once again.  I never thought I would want an iPad, but guess what?  I said I would try one out for a month.....

Guess whose children took to it quicker than chocolate milk?

Guess whose HUSBAND picked it up and started searching for a certain John Deere tractor?

I swear Pumpkin played on it or would have it I had found that cute cat and mouse game I saw once upon a time........

And yes, I used it too.  It was an absolutely sad day in this house when I FINALLY packed up our new friend and passed it along to the next blogger reviewer.

I don't get to keep any of the gadgets and fun techy stuff Verizon sends me, but I get to put my hands on each one, see how it fits into our lives, see how it might help or enhance learning, farming, or just plain having fun.  This has been my big pay-off with my opportunity to work with Verizon, and I'm loving it.

Left me share the biggest reasons I did NOT discourage our girls from putting the iPad on their Santa list:
1.  It was a blessing during homework to be able to put the iPad on the table and work around it to figure out  what thingy was what part of the respiratory system.
2.  It was extremely handy to call up the help site of Tink's math book so I could remember all the geometry I learned in 10th grade that she is leaning now in 4th!  (so going to have to hire a tutor for math next year if this pace keeps up because I won't!)
3.  It enhanced their computer skills because they could navigate the apps and go at their own pace with a wide range of educational and fun games.
4.  It was just plain easy for them to use!  They liked the Samsung Gallaxy tablet, but this first tablet didn't keep them coming back like the iPad did.  Maybe it was the larger selection of apps Apple offers, maybe it was the 10 inch screen vs. the 7 inch screen (gotta admit these eyes liked the bigger screen too), but they truly loved playing on it.  I can't wait for them to have their selection of Kindle books in their own reader!

Sold yet?  That's ok, I don't get any $$ or product for sales tracked to this blog, but I am here to give you an honest evaluation of each product we try out, and I have to say I'm writing my own letter to Santa, and right after the continued good health and safety for my family in the new year, an iPad is also at the top of my list.  Who knew?

Now for the fun part!  I have an exciting post to write this weekend telling you about a very cool "play" party I was asked to host at our Verizon store in Lafayette.  Let me just say, if you are asked to go to one of these by any of my Real Farmwives of America pals, GO!  Our store even had one open to the public for the first 20 to RSVP, and I strongly encouraged those who were not able to make my party on Thursday morning to go to it.  Even if you, like me are not a Verizon customer, you can still get your hands on the toys you would see in other stores, learn how to use them, and see how they fit into your lives.

Stay tuned for more fun and a peek into the real world of technology that is actually easy and helpful!


  1. My hubby has an iPad and LOVES it... I'm still using my laptop and happy with it for now.. Once the laptop dies, I will probably get one too...

    Hope you get one for 'keeps'.

  2. I think you ought ask Santa for one I love mine



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