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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I am so ready for a snow storm, I am just about ready to go rent an snow machine and make my own!

Since this is a update, get comfortable.  I would do it in segments, but Lord only knows when I will get another break in the action around here.......


Got your coffee?

Here goes:

Lordy, have I been busy!  I would just love to have a good old fashioned 8-10 inch snow storm with wind to slow everything down around here.  It would be a bite to get out and feed the critters, but there wouldn't be any meetings to go to or places to be and things to do..... Ok, we could hold off until after Sunday because the Indiana Farm Bureau State Convention is at the J.W. Marriott this weekend.  If you have never stayed there, this would be the PERFECT treat for you and that special someone in your life.  Kiddoes are staying here, but Tall Guy and I have meetings on Friday, and then we get Saturday afternoon through Sunday at check out time to ourselves.  Ahhhhhhh...........I just about can't wait!

So what the heck have I been doing that kept me away from you all for so darned long?  Well let's let the pictures do most of the talking......

First there was the Veteran's Day celebration at our school.  I had to share these pictures with you because I just love them.

Then ten of these cute, adorable-in-their-uniform little girls came to our house for Bear's Party!

First Little Bear had all her girlfriends over the weekend before her birthday for a trip to the Fowler Theater to see Wreck It Ralph, and then the ten little dears "slept" over.  2 of the 8 were Tink and her friend, and the last ones didn't give up to the sandman until 2:00 in the Blessed A.M.!  We did have fun, though, and I informed all the parents, as they came to pick up the precious girls, that since I started this bit of fun, I think by the time the rotation comes back to me, they will all be graduated!  Woo!  ;-)

The next we celebrated our Little Prince's First Birthday, my great-nephew!

Then we had Bear's real birthday on the 16th, the same day our church ladies' designated Noodle Day.

Peeps, I am telling you, you have not seen noodles made until you watch the entire gym turned into one big noodle factory.  I was about the third youngest there, and our elder church members just about worked me under the table.

I had to dodge out a couple times to take pictures of the books on loan to the school library from Benton County Farm Bureau,

and then I had to run home and get the #$%^%$#!!*&^ cake pops I made for Bear's class treat.  That is a whole blog unto itself, but let's just say some of them were cake plops!

Her family birthday meal was on Sunday, and she picked SHRIMP as her birthday meal.  Yeah, I had to get up and peal the darned things before we could fry 'em up.  They sure were good!

Our dear Bear has been strongly suggesting she would REALLY like a rock polisher for her birthday, and guess what?  Yep, she did!

Nope we haven't polished any yet,, but she has a whole collection just waiting for us to say "Let's do it!'

Yep, I know how long it takes to polish rocks.

Yep, I know how loud the bugger is, which is why it will be plugged in outside in the old garage or tool shed once we get started.

This little Bear didn't fall far from her mamma's tree.  I was a "rock" start when I was her age! :-)

Let's see, that brings us to Thanksgiving week which saw TWO Thanksgivings here at the Wallpe house.  The first one was on Thanksgiving, and we went a bit "ooo-la-la" and served prime rib from Buetler Meats!  It was TO.DIE.FOR!  just sayin'!

That was with my family, and then we had smoked turkey and all the traditional fare for Tall Guy's family on Saturday.  Thanks to the Brook Locker Plant for smoking our turkey!  That's my family's home town, so we try to give them a shout when we can as well!  Can you just guess that I have gained just "a bit" of weight from all this yummy eating?  Oye!

My favorite bread dressing that my Grandma Phyllis and I always made together in the very same pan we used all those years ago!

Then it was Tink's turn for a birthday on the 30th, but bless her heart, it fell the day before our school's biggest event, the Sacred Heart Christmas Bazaar.  I had a meeting in Monticello on Thursday night, came home beat, sang "Happy Birthday" to Tink that next morning, then everyone pitched in to make 4-5 batches of puppy chow for the bake sale at the bazaar.  I ran the girls and puppy chow to school, then I headed on up and over to The Homestead in Remington for another Farm Bureau meeting,

 then back to school and home and back to school to help set up for the big event.

Saturday was spent at school selling Gooseberry Patch cookbooks as part of our fundraiser for the school.  You should really check into their program.  We got to keep HALF of what we made on the books!  $17.00 cookbook = $8.50 for Sacred Heart!  I think we will end up with $800 to add to our schools' CPTO account!

Then it was take everything down and put the classrooms back together and then home to get ready for the family dinner on Sunday to officially celebrate Tink turning ten.....TEN!  How the heck did that happen?

OH we had to move two of the 4-H calves over to their new pen after church and before I could start frying chicken for the dinner!  This is a pic of the Little Prince and one of the Holsteins before the move.

And then there are these FIVE little darling devils just finding their way off the bales of alfalfa and into the very dangerous waters of the tool shed.

Bear said it best when she told me she wasn't going to name any of them until after winter.  I think she is starting to understand the perilous life of a barn cat in the country.  They are danged cute though!

Tree is officially up!

Today I spent trying to get two new computers up and at least one to talk to our new printer.  In the midst of all this fun, Tall Guy's computer crashed, and mine started making terrible noises.  Merry Christmas to us!  OYE!  The Geek Squad can't get out here until NEXT Monday, so I am trying to get as much up and running as I can so we can function around here.  Anyone good at navigating Windows 8?  Danged if that won't turn your hair gray!  AND I am trying to load Office 2010 after using only 2003 for the last,,,,,uhm,,,,,,seven years I guess.

So now it's Wednesday, UGH!  So couldn't get this posted before last weekend.  IFB State Convention was GREAT!  Our Saturday night date night was AWESOME. and then I woke up with the flu in the wee hours Sunday morning.  BLECH!  Made for an interesting drive home.   Mercifully, it was the 24 hr. variety, and I am just about back to normal.  Computers are all hooked up and speaking to each other, cookbooks are in and ready for delivery, Daddy Donut at Dawn Day is tomorrow, and I think that is all ready to go.  Sadly, we are down to three little kittens in the toolshed...Bear was right to wait.  Not sure what happened, but that is usually the way of barn/tool shed kitties....sigh....  Great NEWS!  All the dairy steers are now officially off the bottle!  That takes a few steps out of our day :-)

Unfortunately, I was going to do this catch up yesterday, but I got the call right after hearing Bear read in church that my Aunt Marty passed away.  She was 85 and always the life of the party.  An avid golfer in the Newton/Jasper County area, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, she always made me smile.  She was also # 6 in the nine kids Grandma and Grandpa Lyons raised.  That leaves me with my Aunt Sue, 93, Uncle Bob, 90, and Aunt Donna 80something ;-)  There is an awesome family reunion in heaven going on today.

If you haven't seen it, my dear friend Leontien updated her blog.  Please keep her in your prayers this holiday season and every day.  Here is a link to her latest and greatest post: Four Leaf Clover Tales

Now it's time to pay bills while the little girls and big boys are gone because rumor has it we are going to "work cows" when the big boys get back.  Go figure it's the coldest day of the season so far.

Hope this post finds you in the HAPPY chaos of Christmas activities.  I have a great post coming to you soon about our adventures with an iPAD thanks to my great friends at Verizon.  I promise it will be up before the end of the week!  Just as a sneak peak, I thought I would never want one of those "things," but......

Still watching for snow, but out here on the farm, we will take any form of precipitation these days.  It's getting dry again ;-(

Until later this week!

Be Merry and Bright!


  1. yeesh, between all those dinner and birthdays you really have been busy!

    enjoy the marriot..maybe you should check out their spa???

  2. Good catch-up post, Lana. Of course, it's also great for me to keep up with your busy life on FB...

    You all are so fortunate to have all of your families close enough to be together for the holidays... Awesome!!!!

    Thanks for all of the wonderful pictures and updates.



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