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Monday, December 17, 2012

Verizon "Play" Party and Thinking Outside the Box

Last Thursday morning I had the most incredible opportunity to offer up to ten of my friends and readers:  an invitation to the Verizon store in Lafayette BEFORE store hours so that we could learn about new gadgets and actually get to try some of them out ourselves....Like I said in the post before this, 'WHO KNEW?"

First of all you have to know I have a new passion.  I want to educate the Ag people of all ages in this great state about technology and how it can make our farm lives run more smoothly, efficiently, quickly, all just by making a tap on our smart phones and/or tablets.  What I saw this day just opened my eyes wider to all the possibilities.

Want to see what my friends and I saw at the party?

Keep scrolling and be prepared to be amazed.

Danica was the first to arrive, so our personal salesperson Ance let her play with this drone.

It flies!  It takes pictures!  It records video and streams it right to the internet.  You control it with a tablet, Droid or iPad.

WOW!  Ance said that builders and realtors love this to record progress of projects or take aerial shots of properties, but while Ance was talking, I could heard Danica thinking of how she could use this at her job.  She is Engagement Project Manager for Purdue's College of Agriculture and loved the idea of doing crowd estimates and taking her own aerial shots of annual events as the Purdue Fish Fry and Purdue's many activities at the Indiana State Fair.  My wheels were turning too.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see your mature corn field to check for damage after a hail storm without walking through it, or at least knowing where to check for damage?  You could check a cow calf heard for new arrivals or at least find a certain cow if you are worried about her close to calving. Way cool!  And I think the guys would dig it because of the whole throw back to flying model planes and helicopters.  It's that kind of fun!

Next up is a digital camera, Belkin's Netcam W-Fi Camera, that I so could use at our house.  You might not believe me, but some days I don't even hear the semi's leave the farm if the wind is blowing loud enough in the right direction.  The new sun room and garage has blocked most of my view of the barn lot, so often times people pull in, and I don't even know it.  I would love to be able to take a quick peek to see who just drove in and is about to ring my doorbell.  I would love to be able to see what is going on in the barn lot.  This little dude could fit the bill for several issues around here.  AND when the girls get a bit older, we could move it inside to use as a Teen Tracker! ;-)  Just kidding......NOT!.

Ance also showed us this nifty dog tracker, that every farmer would love to have for the favorite farm dog.  You don't have to rely on a chip and wait for someone to take your lost dog to have it's chip found and read.  This collar works on GPS, which means I can go find Miss Sadie by turning on my smart phone and tracking her myself if she ever decides to take off on me again.  It also monitors the animal's activity to help with general health issues.  Why couldn't we attach this to a sick cow and monitor it 24/7 so that we know how often it moves, rests, and how active it is in a 24 hr. period?  Way better than setting up camp out in the elements with poop everywhere!

The Smart Watch made me want to say, "Beam me up Scotty!"  It is a phone, GPS device, music maker and more!

Ok, this is just cool, fun, and hopefully will extend the life of my smart phone. The Moga turns your smart phone into gaming toy!  I am going to have to let the girls at this one.  Danica, living up to the name most people think they hear the first time they meet her, took this little dude for a test drive too!

(oh, I was referring to Danica PATRICK! ;-))

Most of my invited guests are all involved in agriculture and live in rural areas.  One of the great aspects of my budding relationship with Verizon is the exchange of information.

I do not have Verizon coverage in my are. The girls from White County do, but the signal drops calls on occasion.  It's nice to be able to tell our issues to someone who will listen.  I truly appreciate the time Verizon people like Kyle Niederpruem and Michelle Gilbert have taken to educate me on wireless communication, especially all the issues many parts of rural USA are having with coverage.  The good news is that it IS coming.  Now all we have to do is be patient and keep in contact with Verizon to let them know what our issues are out here a bit north and west of civilization.  The people at Verizon were great about listening and giving options, names, and phone numbers to people who will listen and have answers to our questions. Love the feeling of being heard, and opening the, pardon the pun, lines of communication.

Hey!  Let's get back to the fun!  Here are a couple more great gadgets to checkout:

FitBit is "a fitness device that tracks steps, distance, and calories burned and provides progress reports to your smart phone or computer!"  I may have to put that on my Need To Try List after the holidays!  I know my friend Cris Goode, on her new blog, As Good As It Gets: Year 2 Change, is using this little dude, a scale I saw on sale at Verizon that monitors everything you need to know but don't want to about your body, and probably a few more toys to help her on her journey to a healthier her!  Check out her blog, and follow her progress as well as her husband's.  Puddy has heroically manned up and joined her on this journey.

Just fessed up to Tall Guy that I bought this gadget because I AM the girl who is in the car, about five miles down the road, when I go into a panic attack that I didn't' turn off my curling iron!  How cool will it be to just check from my cell phone and turn it off with the touch of a button.  You can do the same with lights when you are gone (and have packed said curling iron), or turn on fans to cool off a room before you get home!!

We also saw a "smart glove" that allows you to operate your smart phone or tablet without freezing your fingers, and a couple other gadgets that allow you to connect your phone or tablet to your TV!



I have to tell you, dear readers, it's time to get to know your smart phones and tablets more intimately.  These appliances are our future, and I will be telling you more about this topic in the weeks and new year to come.  Like I said, I am on a mission to educate.

If you know little tricks that your smart phone or tablet can do, will you do me a favor?  Will you share these bits of knowledge with a friend who doesn't know?  Help someone download Instagram and start an account there.  Teach them about hash tags.  Introduce them to Pinterest, or Facebook, or your favorite blog ;-)  Every time you do this, someone gets to know her/his phone and computer better, and the opportunity to communicate is broadened.

Have a great week before Christmas! I promise to be back many more times before ringing in the new year!

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  1. Good morning Lana! I have caught up with your posts and you have been one busy lady! I just purchased my very first smartphone just yesterday. I think I will love it. Especially with the photo apps you mentioned on your blog a few weeks back. Thank you for sharing all of the technology products that could be so helpful to us on the farm.

    Oh, you asked when I was in Indiana....Well about 4-5 years ago we made a trip to Corydon, IN for a goat sale. It was around Halloween. I must say that it was the most beautiful scenery up there! I would love to make it up that way again. Hope you have a great week!





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