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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Past Part 1

I am SOOOO trying to get in the mood, but like the song goes, "It hasn't snowed a single flurry..."  Maybe this will help

Christmas Circa 1964........

NO!  It wasn't my first Christmas.

YES!  I'm that old!

The silvers strings are called tinsel, and if you were my mother, you put it on the LIVE tree ONE strand at a time!


Circa 1965!  Ha!  I first typed 1065....I'm not THAT old!  It was our last year with Grandpa Lyons.  Boy, did he like popcorn balls!

There's Grandma Lyons in the background.  Don't you just love the knotty pine paneling?

Probably 1966
and with the best dog in the whole wide world, Suzy!  She was with us until the last day of my first year away at Ball State!  Still miss my first BFF!

The very LAST time I was at Santa Clause, Indiana, aka Holiday World now!  Probably the summer of 1967....that would make me five years old.  :-)

Hope you are all ready or at least close to it!  The big day is just a week away!

Any other blogger buddies want to go retro with me.  Come on in;  the water is dandy!

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!


  1. Oh Lana, I LOVE it.... I remember that tinsel---except that in Virginia, we called it Icicles... AND--we always put them on one at a time---and even took them off carefully so that we could use them again the next year. (A box of icicles only cost about 10cents --yet we saved them... ha ha ha)

    My first son was born in 1963 ---so you can only imagine how old I am.... Yipes!!!!!!

    Great set of pictures. Your Grandma Lyons looked like my Aunt Rosa... Aunt Rosa always wore a dress and hose ---and jewelry around her neck.... ha

    Thanks!!!! Loved this one.

  2. You NEED to come down and go to Holiday World! The kids would love it, it's not terribly priced (esp. when you get tickets through the FB office) and it has changed tremendously!! Santa, is however in nearly if not the same place!



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