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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Winter Walk Through the Barns

You know, once those lovely dairy steers gave up the bottle, I kind of stopped going outside.  Between shopping and wrapping and baking, there really wasn't much time in the last few weeks to venture out.  Yesterday was the perfect time to grab my camera and go take a walk.  I'm nursing sore shins, (say that out loud three times!), so this was a much leisurely pace.  I'm sub-titling this post Crtitters, or maybe Cows, Kittens, and a Lovable Puppy Dog.

First the Outside cows:  These are our newest group of feeders.  They arrived about mid November and filling out quite nicely.

They were all in a feisty mood yesterday with lots of head-butting going on.

"What you lookin' at Lady?"

 An now on to the dairy steers who have moved to new quarters in the tool shed.  

Tall Guy is 'splainin' to Jerry that he should NOT be knocking doors out of the wall.

Yeah, come to me and tell me all about it!

Trying to learn which way is the right way to go outside.

 Oh My GOSH!  Get ready for some absolute cuteness!
Meet Fluffy


And Angel with Susan (Bear is standing behind me identifying all the fluff balls!)

Fluffy and Susan

Uncle Columbus and Big Sister Larsa

 Lovey (Momma) and Angel

Starting to feel like the old cat lady, but everyone came out to enjoy the sun!

True barn cats, No name, Brownie, and Quiet Kitty



Tall Guy and Sadie have this love/tease relationship.
"I'm coming I'm coming"


I need to get out more!  Just a few bank accounts to close up and out for 2012, and then I can fully take on the new year!


  1. Wonderful photos! I know how you feel, with the holidays I've been stuck in the house too. Maybe I can squeeze in a photo walk this weekend too.

    Good luck with your shins. Just go back to working out slowly and build your way back to your workouts. When in pain, stop. Don't let it set you back!

  2. Love your pictures! Those kittens are adorable!

  3. Love your pictures!!! I have one question.... and it may sound crazy.....but I must ask....Where does the power generated from the all of the windmills get sent to? Did I mention that I love your pictures? ;) Your photos are always great!


    (By the way, I'm madsmom80 on instagram...still trying to get used to all of the tech stuff. Thanks for the suggestion, a few months ago, about getting a smart phone too. Lovin' mine.

  4. Gorgeous photos!!! Thanks for taking this city girl on a trip to the farm ~ I love it. The kittens are adorable!!

  5. You have some gorgeous cats/kittens! And, I am in love with that gray steer. Just send him my way....

  6. gorgeous pictures! and that little gray cow, he looks so super soft! and great psych out at the end, they always do that, don't they?



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