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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Whew!  Survived it!  How did you do?  It was a kind of quiet finish to the end of 2012.  Bear wasn't feeling well after our big PU/Friend outing, so she and I both went to Med Express early Sunday to see what was up.  I wasn't feeling so hot either, but my many years of experience told me I was working on a sinus infection.  Bear tested + for strep.  Next stop CVS for meds! We are doing much better now :-)

Despite all that, I was able to walk on the treadmill 5/7 days and am pretty proud of myself.  I only lost one pound, but I'll take that over the usual weight gain associated with the last SIX weeks of best eating events in the whole year!  Now only nine more to go to get back to where I started before the holiday eating began back in mid November with Bear's birthday.

Here is a screen shot of my activity from my FitBit page:

Anyone out there game to share New Year's Resolutions?  I'm finding that sharing makes me feel more accountable for my actions.  As you might know, I live out in the middle of nowhere, but two other neighbors, that means we live on the same road within less that two miles from each other, are also getting the walking bug.  I text them both after my walk, and we motivate each other!

I'm also faithfully posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram a picture of my treadmill read out.  Want to follow me on these pages?  My Twitter handle is IBCFarmgirl, I'm lanawallpe on Instagram, and Lana Lyons Wallpe on Facebook.  Walking the Off-Beaten Path also has a Facebook page, but I am not 100% diligent about putting everything over to that page.  I'm going to start trying though!

OK, now for the Resolutions part.  Here are my TOP THREE GOALS FOR 2013:

1.  Become more fit, that includes exercise, eating better, and just plain moving!
2.  De-clutter this house!  I have a BIG developing news story that should help motivate me on this goal, but I will wait a bit before sharing.  Don't want to jinx anything not yet SET IN STONE (hint!)
3.  Balance my time/life better so that chaos is NOT a common state of living conditions around here.

Want to share?  Want to check in with me to be more accountable?  Want me to check in with you to be more accountable? It's all about communication, which could be a FOURTH GOAL.... but I will also wait to share more about this idea in a few weeks.

Now to get back to my decluttering and balance goals, which means I need to start digging through piles, pay bills, update minutes for Farm Bureau, and get vacations booked for this year. Oh yeah, and fix lunch

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!


  1. My big resolution is decluttering. I think most other aspects in my life would align if I could just do this. That said, I'm trying to let go of Gourmet starting back in the 1980s!


  2. My big goal, i think I talked to you earlier, is to go with the transition of change this year.

    But I've also decided to make myself draw at least 20 minutes 4 days a week. I miss being an artist/teacher and I'm to the point in life where I can get out the art supplies and not worry that my kids will eat them. I have to make creativity a habit! Good luck with all your goals and I love that you are posting treadmill shots, great way to be accountable! I write my workouts in a pocket calendar everyday. I've done it for years and when I see too many empty squares where I didn't do anything it guilts me into working out :)

  3. I need to de-clutter AND exercise more. Always struggle to find time for the exercise!

  4. Happy New Year!! Way to go on setting goals! Two of yours are mine as well. Getting healthy and taking care of myself and de-cluttering. I have felt really good by doing so the past couple of days. I'll have to look you up on Instagram and facebook. (I don't put a lot on my farm page either) I need to start sharing my information to keep me accountable too :) Now that I'm caught up with your latest posts, I need to start working on mine. Maybe I'll get back into the swing of things!

    Here's to a great 2013!


  5. Hi Lana, Happy New Year... Can't believe all of the hoopla is over and life gets back to normal --whatever that is. We are busy closing out the year and making a new budget, etc... Fun Stuff like that... ha

    I don't make resolutions --but I do have a goal to STAY healthy (keeping the weight off) --by eating right, exercising, etc... That's most important to me at my age!!!!




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