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Friday, January 11, 2013

Just A Little More Love for Leontein

By now, most of the blog world knows that, as one of my friends so eloquently said it, "one of our own got her angel wings."

What an angel Miss Leontein was and is.  My mom and dad sent me this Youtube link, and I am sharing it with you as an inspiration and memorial to Leontein because she was such a shining star whose light will now shine brighter with the glow of God and His heavens to light her way.

Rest in peace dear friend, you have lived an awesome and inspiring life.  Here's to seeing you one day on the other side of the rainbow.


  1. How very sad to hear. I'd been praying for Leontien everyday. I'm so very sorry to hear she lost her battle. Send on my love to her family!



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