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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Camera: WOW!

This is a camera........


I was all aglow when my Verizon box showed up on my door step with this cutie-patootie all nestled inside its protective wrapping.  We won't mentioned that Tall Guy cringed at the sight of my playing with a new camera!  He is still getting over sticker shock from my Nikon bought over two years ago.

This wonder, my dear readers, is a Samsung Galaxy camera with a 21X zoom ratio.  It takes AWESOME pictures, as you can tell from the samples below.  Here's the kicker:  Most of them were taken by our very own Little Bear!  Now if an eight-year-old can run this device this well, it speaks highly to ease of use and quality its make up.

Bear was playing with my Camera360 app on the Samsung, which gives you a hint about its other capabilities!

We were sitting in the 20th row in the upper level, and it zoomed this well!

Obviously, it can take cute baby pics!

and awesome group shots.

So what is so special about this camera?  Besides taking great shots that you can upload DIRECTLY to any social media site of your choice, it has all the capabilities of your smart phone EXCEPT you cannot call anyone on it because it is not a phone.

It's sort of like a mini-mini tablet!  AND it takes better pics than your smart phone or tablet.!  It has a manual setting for all you crazy peeps out there who like set up your own shot......

and it has "smart settings" just like my Nikon for taking specialty pictures a the click of a button.

 See?  Just select how you want to take your picture or even a video, and off you go.

Thanks so much to Verizon for allowing me and my family for playing with this wonderful product.  If you are in the market for a camera with direct uploading capabilities, I would highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy.  They do not pay me to try these products, nor do I get any discount if I want to purchase one, but it sure is fun to try out these newest, edgiest tech products as they come out!  

Stay tuned for my review on the FitBit.  Just as a preview, I can say I.Love.It!

Also, stay warm today.  We are just getting out of the deep freeze here with a possibility of snow on the way tomorrow night.

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