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Monday, January 7, 2013

Walking in the Morning Hoar Frost

Dang!  My shin still hurts, so I am out taking another leisurely walk with my camera.  I thought it had snowed, but Tall Guy said we had a hoar frost!


So up I popped, got dressed, clipped on my FitBit, grabbed the camera, scooped up some cat food (and one kitten who stealthily hopped  in when I opened the garage door), and off I went!  

** Editor's Note:  Because of my last post, I tried very hard to abstain from taking cute kitten pictures so you wouldn't become immune to cuteness.  They were all busy eating anyway!

Ok, Here is ONE kitten pic because he was left out of yesterday's gallery.  This is our little black kitty. Now no one get their knickers in a knot, but I call him Sambo because of a beloved childhood story.  

He is also the first barn kitten we, the girls and I, tamed.  Tall Guy says they aren't as much fun now that more are coming over to the petting side of life.  He's likes cats from a distance!

Did you know cows were curious creatures?  There really is a fence between me and this guy.

LOVE the frosty plants!

The shuttle we pray over every day, especially cold and/rainy ones, so that it always turns on, moves, and disperses the silage evenly and without breakdown.


 I think I am back to embracing the great outdoors!  It was sooo nice out there, even it the thermometer said it was a measly 15 degrees outside.  Bring it winter!  I'm ready for you!


  1. I suppose I could Google it, but I'm going to ask you what a hoar frost is. Thankfully it is not spelled with a "w". :) lol

  2. You need not bother. I just looked it up. Start knitting, girl! Those cows need sweaters.:)

  3. We had a beautiful hoar frost a couple of months ago and I didn't take any pictures of it! I am slacking in my old age! Great pics!

  4. When I go out in the cold. I would like to sun to be out. You can feel the warmth it feels so good

  5. Lana, these pictures are awesome! I love hoar frost. Especially, when it is on the cattle.



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