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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Verizon Wireless!

I asked to take this little dude with us on vacation, and he was AWESOME!~!

Oops!  I didn't realize he had finger prints on him, but I really shouldn't be surprised.  He traveled in my purse, in the console of the van, in our condo/hotel rooms, and everywhere to hook up with all of our internet-dependent devices while we were on the road and in other states.

Ok, I know some of you are wondering, "WHAT THE HECK is she talking about?

Am I right?

This is actually called a Jetpack, and it will give you free WIFI or, because you would own it, MIFI connection to your mobile devices.  That includes your laptops, tablets, phones, etc....

It will allow you to use your devices in WiFi mode so you don't use any of your data package!  WOOO!  Love it when I can save data and money at the same time!

HOW COOL IS THAT???  I didn't have to rely on a certain phone company's service while we toodled down the road through several states and internet plans.  My phone was hooked up to Verizon's Jetpack!

This was such an easy hook up.  You just go to each device's WIFI settings, find the Verizon Wireless jetpack device and select/connect/hook up.  A password, usually a group of letters and numbers, appears on the screen just above the < > and check box, and you just type that in when your device asks you to enter the password!  That screen, when the device is turned on , is your communication center where you can scroll to different functions and information.  BIG things DO come in small packages!


It was great at holding it's charge, much better than my phone.  They can usually run for days between charges unless you have a lot of devices synced up to it.

I was sooooo happy to have it in our hotel rooms because sometimes hooking up to free WiFi takes many steps and the service is not so great.  In some hotels we have stayed at, especially one in Indy that I shall not name, you have to pay $14 a day for internet service---NO WIFI available.  This cute little jetpack can bite those big dogs in the hiney on that charge!

I was sooooo happy to have it in the car because we were heavily depending on my WAZE app to get through trouble spots like Atlanta and NASHVILLE.  I swear that Nashville is the new Atlanta.  Some of my friends out there are calling it Crashville! I will chat with you about this app in my vacay blog coming soon in sections probably!

I have to admit that I am a bit of a novice at what else the Verizon Jetpack can do, but I believe it even has a bit of storage on it so you can save items to it in a pinch.  Run to your nearest Verizon dealer or store or internet page, and check it out for yourself.  For travelers, vacationers, and us country folk who have a heck of a time getting reliable internet, MiFi/Jetpacks are the way to go!

Verizon did not pay me to write this post.  They sent me the jetpack to try and blog about, and I shipped him back home yesterday.  These words are my own thoughts and observations :-)

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