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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Want to.....

I've been sitting here at the computer with a million different things to tell you that I think I could just throw up all over the keyboard!

I really want to tell you about the very cool and efficient MIFI Verizon Wireless loaned to me while on vacation.  LOVED IT!  Watch for a post about "Why I Love MIFI!"

I want to tell you how sad our whole family was to discover one of our most favorite traditional places to go in Florida, so traditional that his folks went there on their honeymoon, my mom's folks were yearly members because they lived so close, both Tall Guy and I visited there as children, (not together) and then, together, before wedding bells, and now this was our second time to take the girls.....is closing, or at least undergoing a huge scale DOWN.  Watch for a post called, "We Want to Buy a Zoo."

I want to share with you why I do not have many mirrors in my house, and I was mortified to find one in our bathroom while on vacation DIRECTLY opposite of the shower!  Watch for a post "What Is That Body Doing Attached to My Head??????"

I want to share with you that, from the number of bugs splats on my windshield, my jealously guarded bottle of Zyrtec sitting on the counter and emptying fast, the number of tractors out on the road, the number of walkers on the road, and the number of dead skunks and possums on the road, and finally, the number of baby kittens added to our "herd,"  SPRING IS HERE!

I want to share some great recipes I discovered over the cold months.  Posting soon....

I want to revisit that the idea of having it ALL means you have to pick three important parts of your life and stick to them.  EVERYTHING has too many letters and sends you off into chaos.

I want to share that after 50, gravity really isn't a girl's best friend, unless you have several other besties in the medical field.  Latest to fall are my arches!  More later!

And finally I wanted to share that today was the first day in like FOREVER my calendar is absolutely clear!  NO doctor's apts., ortho/med/or other, NO meetings, school/Farm Bureau/church/blogging/AG/or other, NO school obligations like subbing/meetings/projects.  Get the idea?

I said last night that when I got up in the morning, I was NOT LEAVING THE FARM today.  Of course we woke up 30 minutes late so I had to take the girls to school because they cannot get ready for school, eat, and be happy in 35 minutes!  THEN right when I started to type this post, I got the, "Honey, can you come out and spot me while I back the combine out, then pick me up at the John Deere store?"  By the time we got home, it was time for me to magically create lunch for the two of us.....

I promise I am back, and I have so much stuff to share from my fun, crazy, OCD, nuts life!  Hang in there with me!

Off to truly start my MIFI post for tomorrow!
Until then........

I will be hiding with a long extension cord in a closet here.... if I can find one with enough room for me to squeeze in......which leads me to another topic....Oh, I'll save that for later!

Love and Hugs!


  1. Wow! I can't wait to read all your posts! We recently got a Verizon Mifi and we love it!

  2. Oh man. I can so relate to the "I am not leaving the farm today" comment just seconds before another emergency raises its ugly head...

  3. I feel like you sound. A million ideas in my head but not sure when I have time to share them..ha! Can't wait to hear about so many of them. Stay safe in your storm!

  4. I hope you get a little down time to post! Looking forward to catching up with everything!

  5. Looking forward to read all of your posts!



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