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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Past Week...

Well, let's see what I have been up to.....

Two Saturdays ago, Tall Guy and Grandpa escorted two of their favorite girls to the Princess Ball.

(Dresses $30 EACH at Burlington Coat Factory, my NEW FAV place to shop!)

Besides watching it rain, Tink had basketball camp most of the evenings!  Woo!

Thursday, we had Basket Bingo at school, and I was the caller.  Hate the games when I can't say any B's, O's or N's.  Believe it or not, there are several of those.  Everyone had a great time, giggles were in great abundance, and we raised $$ for our school!

Friday, I had on my Benton County Farm Bureau hat on (Did I mention I am now PRESIDENT?!?!?!)  to talk to all our county second graders about sun safety, and yeah I actually forgot my sunscreen when I mowed and rolled the yard yesterday!  DUH!  DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN!  These little beads on pipecleaner bracelets brighten up when the UV rays hit them.  Should have kept one for myself!

Bear's class!

Friday evening, my family gathered together to wish this guy good luck as a PURDUE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE!  Not quite sure where he will land, but he is looking.  Of course he has to pass his finals first, but he assured everyone one that would not be a problem!

Gotta love that late '80's perm!

Saturday, Tall Guy's mom and dad celebrated their 50th!  Congrats to them, and here is to reaching the next 25!

Sunday, we made it to church then rested a bit before starting our prep for next weekend's big event:
Little Bear's First Communion.  It just happens to hit on May 5, so I'm thinking fajita's and 7-Layer Mexican Dip and maybe "green drinks!?!?!?!"  Why not!  Bear loves cheese quesedillas, and I can swing those too.

Meanwhile on the farm front, we are watching the 5-7 day forecast and shaking our heads.  Not the first seed is in the ground, and we still have plenty of time to get them in (may have to change some varieties with late maturity), BUT the ground has got to dry out.  The sooner the better, but the weather duds are not giving us much to smile about there.

And we are gathering with a bunch of my favorite people to help one of my besties' hubby over the hill!  FUN TIMES!  (Dang!  You think I could have found a more recent pic!  Fun times in Florida BEFORE kids!)

Ok, time to hit the road.  PLEASE do whatever rain dance you do BACKWARDS to keep the wet stuff away!

Hugs and Love!

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  1. After reading your post, I'm too tired to comment!! Well, except to say the girls are adorable. I love the footwear--on both!




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