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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vacation DO's and DONT'S!

I'm seriously not sure how we made it to Daytona Beach this year.  I was required to pack the suitcases and car ( I still say car instead of van.... Do you?), and I have to honestly tell you I cancelled my Ob/GYN appointment the afternoon we left because there was no way I was going to get there and pass anything.  I figured he would probably lock me in the cardiac care unit or psychiatric ward.  That's how frazzled I was.

So I threw way too many clothes into the suitcases, put them in the van with various other vacation "stuff" and beach must haves, like the newest DVDs Wreck It RalphBarbie in the Pink Shoes, and Rise of the Guardians, and off we went~ thanks to Amazon Prime for super speedy delivery service on these life savers for long road trips!

Here's my latest list of Do's and Don'ts from this trip:

DO have a jetpack to take with you in the car so you can have internet connection even in the Smokies and less populated places along the way.  We also have a car charger for the phone because mine just won't last a whole day without a charge.

DON'T assume your ten-year-old packed everything she needed.  NO tennis shoes or her night retainer.  Didn't find that last one out until the night we came back.  Tink came down saying her retainer didn't fit.  I thought maybe that was because she lost a tooth on vacation*, but NO, she said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you I left it here!"  SERIOUSLY?  Stick the danged thing in your mouth and deal with it Missy!

*DO be prepared for "Fairy Visits" while on vacay.... Now if I could just remember where I put that danged tooth!  I'm sure I'll find it at the least appropriate moment!  What do you do with the baby teeth?  I'm not sure I can even tell whose is whose.

DON'T spend money eating out all the time! Stay at a resort/condo/ hotel with a kitchen.  Now when I took an informal poll about this on Facebook, it was a very polarizing question. You either totally agreed with this idea, or you were dead set against it.  I think children and the number of them going on vacation with you was a common denominator.  We do this ALWAYS now.  1.  It's Economical $200 more than covered our breakfasts, snacks, and lunch, and we brought some stuff back along with pantry stuff we took down with us.  2. You or your hubby or the kids can have food on hand without having to put too many clothes on or take a shower!

DO pay attention to pizza promotions!  Domino's had awesome deals like 2 14" pizzas for half off!  $18.00 for supper!  Can't beat that!

DON'T go all anal when your 8 year old, depsite all your and Dad's efforts to show her otherwise...

......decides she's going to play putt-putt all back-ass wards!

Sometimes, "Girls just want to have fu-un! Oh oh oh Girls just want to have fun!"

DO stop to admire the nice backside of a Tall Guy with a farmer's tan.  There might be a message!

DO NOT ignore the message when someone tells you to "Look Up!"

Look for the pelican!

DON'T give up taking the shot you want!  I deleted about 15 moon pictures trying to figure out on my own how to get a good shot of it.  This was my best one!

.....and don't forget to look down!

.....and straight ahead!  (I absolutely love the dimples just between Little Bear's top and bottom!)

DON'T think that Florida will be warm all the time you are there!  Last year we were sooooo spoiled, but this year saw some chilly days.  Thankfully, we stayed at a resort that had a heated indoor pool!  Saved Mommy and Daddy some sanity moments!

And finally, DO find a place in the sun to just relax 'cause that's why we drove the umpteen hundred miles down here right?  One chilly morning I opened up the window wide, and just laid out on our bed!  Wooo!

DO remember to do what Kenny Chesney tells us to do and spend time chillaxin' on vacation! (Sorry folks, but you are NOT seeing me in a swimsuit right now.  Be happy I posted pictures of myself when I was ten in the last post!) ;-) Cute bobcat though right?

Next posts:  What almost took the relax out of my vacation, and a picture of something I have never seen before in it's own habitat, or anywhere else live now that I think about it!  :-)  Or maybe I will swith it up and show you how to walk 5 cows who require 1 hour of walk time a peice!

Peace Out!  (That was one of our vacay sayings!)

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  1. It looks like you had a blast, missing retainer or not! Great photos!



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