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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Elephant, a JD Green Tractor, and a Windmill.....Wait! An ELEPHANT?

 Ladies and Gentlmen!  Children of all Ages!

Benton County welcomes the Kelly-Miller Circus to Benton Central High School!

How cool was this?  It was soooo cool that the girls rode an elepahnt...

 and a camel!

We heard the circus was coming to, well I can't say town because they set up the big top at the high school, so it just came to us~!  (Remember Benton County boasts a total population of 8500 people and about 100,000 critters!)

I was excited because despite our very serious effort to plant corn last week, the clouds opened up and POURED last Thursday, so even Tall Guy got to go to his very first circus!  And it didn't disappoint!

There were clowns!

There were jugglers and balancing acts!

There were trapeze artists, AND they worked without a net!

And there were animals!

Typical of his character, this llama stood there and didn't do much! ;-)  Sorry it was too good to pass up!

LOVE it when they hold each other's tales!

(Have to admit to thinking about Water for Elephants during part of this act!  ACK!)

There were happy faces!

I wish you could have heard these girls belly laughing at the clowns and being absolutely mesmerized by all the acts!  It was a one ring circus, but these people gave us a solid hour and a half of great, Kodak-moment life experiences.  So glad we had a rainy night in Benton County last Thursday so the entire family could enjoy some good old fashioned fun at the circus! Big thanks to the Oxford Lions Club for bringing this group to our little corner of the world!  We are still talking about what we saw, smiling, and laughing!

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