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Sunday, May 5, 2013

First Communion for Little Bear!

OK, I'm rather pooped after a long and crazy wonderful weekend.  This one was all about Little Miss Bear today because it was her First Communion!  Think I will let the pictures speak for themselves with a little commentary as needed ;-)
My favorite picture!

My feeble attempt at curling her hair.

She didn't ask Grandma or Grandpa for a sip of wine.

Song of Celebration

My mom and dad

One of Hannah's Godparents, my cousin Nancy and her husband Jack.

A fairly good family portrait!

Miss Alice's awesome Bible Cake!

Tall Guy's mom and dad

Special words for this special day.

And of course, I served food that everyone raved about, but I didn't get hardly one if any pictures of any of it. We had fajitas in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Everyone had a good time, my wonderful friend Chris helped my clean up, and Tall Guy headed outside to make sure the planter is ready to go tomorrow.  I think we are going to be putting some seeds in the ground tomorrow.

Time for this tired momma to go to bed!  OH!  I have to tell you all one more time that we found Bear's dress at Burlington Coat Factory for $29.99!!!!  You just cannot beat that price for such a beautiful dress.

Ok, that's all she wrote for tonight.  Hugs and Love to you all!


  1. She looks adorable. I'm not very familiar with catholic traditions as my husband converted to my religion before we married. I'll have to ask him about this.


  2. that dress is a steal, and looks great. she looks beautiful, and that cake! wow!

  3. Oh how beautiful! I love your favorite picture too! And that cake....beautiful. Your family photo....beautiful! I could just keep going on and on about how beautiful, but you probably already getting my drift :) Still catching up on your blog posts. Hope you have a great weekend.




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