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Monday, May 13, 2013

ICK is for TICKS!

I thought you might to like to watch and listen to Brad Paisley on this one!  

First of all, WE ARE DONE WITH CORN PLANTING!  I am so not gloating, simply relieved.  Indiana and the surrounding states are all experiencing "pockets" of ground fit for planting, while others 20-50 miles away might be too wet to event start still.  I know when I saw Miss Sarah post on her blog, This Farm Family's Life, that her hubby was in the field on Instagram around May 3, I had to admit I was a tad jealous. (By the way, doesn't she just have the cutest girls? ) We didn't get in the field until May 6, and then we went, sorry moos, HOG WILD and planted 700 acres before last Thursday's big rain.

OH!  NEWS FLASH!  Cannot wait to share how we were able to spend that very rainy night together as a family. It's the next post, I promise!

Anywho.... we were planting our last field, which also happens to be by our secret asparagus picking ground, and I went out with a mission.  Click here for views from a season past because I forgot my camera this time! Romance on the Prairie!  I forgot how much I liked this post! Go on back and read it.  I can wait on you :-)

Well, I did come back with a bagful on Thursday, BUT I also saw a TICK crawling on the headrest of the truck! 

ICK!!!!!   TICKS!!!!!!!!!  Ticks are icky!  Ticks can make you very sick!  Ticks are out in very large numbers this year!

Cut to this afternoon, and I have yet another bag full, but I also have this creepy crawly feeling.  I started scratching my head, and I swore I flicked something out of there!  Unfortunately, I could not find said "thing" so it must still be in the van somewhere! ICK!!! DOUBLE ICK!!! As I was checking up on Facebook and waiting for Tall Guy to come in, I started having the icky, creepy crawly feeling again.  

THERE WAS SOMETHING ON/IN MY HEAD!  Didn't want to alarm the girls, and Tall Guy took his sweet time coming in, but when he did finally come in, I had him check me for ticks!  It was not quite as fun or romantic as Brad's song at the beginning of this post, especially with Bear watching in total amazement  but it was successful.  We use the light a match, blow it out, and put the hot end on the tick's hind parts so it will pull out its head from your skin.  It worked on the second try, and now I am all showered and sort of not twitching! 

Final word, if you are out and about in woods, or, like me, just walking in tall grass, CHECK FOR TICKS! Also, my dear friend Miss Marybeth, over at Alarm  Clock Wars and AgriCultured would also tell you to check your dogs and cats for said evil bugs.  They are little, but they can make you mighty sick!



  1. Ugh. You aren't kidding! We have found something like FIVE so far--and we live in town!

    True, we did head to a nature preserve recently so I'm not sure if they hitched a ride on a blanket and us or what is going on. All I know is they are just icky!

  2. ICK!! I haven't seen a tick in over 3 years. Of course, I'd happily deal with ticks if I had rainfall like you all!

    Congrats on the corn!!

  3. OK, so I'm just now getting around catching up on reading your blog posts. I have to say that I had a good chuckle where you refer to your husband checking you for ticks was nothing like Brad Paisley's song. Well DANG! :)




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