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Thursday, June 6, 2013

CAT FIGHT! Ok,, It's Really Cute Kittens...Barnyard Follies Part 2

A little Barnyard fun from the Furballs~!  :-)

Aunti Angel  broke it up.  She's an awesome babysitter to these two and their little sis.

Time for Bear to play "Where's Blackie?"

Hiding in the hay conditioner..... wish it was out doing its job, but we have been hauling grain, and we need 3-4 days for the ground to dry out and the whole hay process to be completed.  Not seeing that window on the extended forecast.

Lovey is pulling extra duty since it looks like the coyotes are two up on our cat population.  KIA includes Larsa (hey, I don't name them, the girls do), so Lovely took on feeding her three grandchildren PLUS the three new kittens she just had.   Bless her heart.  SHe did the same thing when her sister went MIA last spring.


Miss Bear is supervising the crew while Lovey takes a break.

 This is Susan, and she was rolling all over the tool shed floor.  Too cute!

And finally, this is Starlight, one of the fighters from the top of the post and newly orphaned.  He's a cutie-patootie too!

Starting to feel kind of like the cat lady around here, but at least they are outdoor cats and are keeping the mice and birds honest.  AND they are much more farmwife-friendly than snakes!

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