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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crop Report: Riding around the Farm

Thanks to my trusty driver and her assistant, I was able to toodle around the farm and grab some shots to show you how the farm is looking here.

I have to say, in general, we are saying our prayers and not trying to call too much attention to the fact that everything is up and growing very well. The only issue at the moment is the wheat is taking a pretty solid hit from all the wind.  It should be ok, but these afternoon pop-up storms are knocking it down or at least bending it over in spots.

In no particular order:


This bottom pick includes four rows of sweet con, the first four closest to the water way or the left side of the picture.  That water way, and several others in our fields had long, tall grass just a few days ago, but we industrious farm folk put that to good use.

Here is what we do with all that long grass:  We turn it in to grass hay!

Yep, we have loaded lots of these big dudes home from our fields.  The cows really eat it up ;-)



Thanks again to Tink and Sadie for carting me around in the gator.  I had to beg and plead with her to get in and drive........NOT!

It's way too soon to be kicking up our heals, but I would have to say we are off to a good start here in NW Indiana. I know we can drive about 50 miles in any direction and see crops in water distress or fields not even planted.......  Praying for all of us who work hard to feed this great nation.  It's not as easy as it looks, and a lot of it is completely out of our hands, but we try to do our best with what we can control.

Have a great week!

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