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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Farmer's Daughters: Barnyard Follies

School is out, and we are trying to keep the girls busy and away from the TV, so out to the barn we go!

First, Tall Guy asks Tink if she will climb up and help him transfer corn. Then I get a call saying, "Hey! You want to come out and see your oldest daughter?" Oh My Gosh! She was on the monster that kills backsides! Remember my post, "Walking with a Hitch in My Get-along"? Well, Miss Tink has grown a bit since then, and apparently she can handle the 19 inch steps. Now if I can just handle her being up there!

Now Little Bear had her nose out of join because she was not allowed to climb up (I really thought she would be the one to go up that high, NOT Tink!), so Daddy gave her another lesson on driving the Gator.

Whew!  I thought she was not going to turn the thing in time, but then Daddy was right there with her!

Watching all this fun were, of course, the critters:

Just another day in the life of our farm family.  Hope yours is doing just as well :-)  Happy Graduation to all the seniors out there!  Get out there and make us all proud, especially our kids headed off to become a vital part of Agriculture!  


  1. Great pictures. I am glad she isn't afraid of heights sure can help Big Guy I always hate to see them climb I see you have a cage around the upper ladder that makes it a lot safer We only have about 100 acres of SB left and what ever drowns out.

  2. Looks like summer is in full swing on the farm and so great that the girls are out there among all of it!

  3. Wow! I don't know if I would be able to climb that high...not a big fan of heights ;) I bet Tink was so proud to be such a big helper! Hope ya'll have many more great summer adventures around the farm! By the way, love all of your pics.

  4. Wow! That is high! I would flip seeing my kid up there. It certainly looks like life is more entertaining in your neck of the woods. :)



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