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Friday, July 19, 2013

Fair Safety

Hey there everyone!

No pictures for this post; there just isn't enough time in the day right now for all the fancy stuff.  We are about ready to jump both feet in to our Benton County Fair.  Actually we took the jump about a week ago when Tall Guy FINALLY finished all his field work and could lend us a big hand and body to the process.

This year we are showing one dairy steer, our second year heifer/cow (she's expecting in December), a beef heifer, and a beef steer.  Crazy!  Three of the four "calves" are weighing in at 1100+, which is why I haven't had them out walking like we should have been doing all summer.  I have a lot of confidence working with cattle; I think I have a good way with most, but I just haven't felt comfortable enough to work the big calves without someone being here on the farm "just in case."

As many of you have seen at fairs, the critters in the cow barn can be pretty darned big, and I hope and pray that you all give them a healthy dose of respect and a wide berth when walking through the barns, especially with little kiddos.  It's so great to see the children react to all the animals at the fair, but most of the livestock are not used to little people, and many startle easily when there is a scream or quickly moving objects.   We want to you come out to the barn to visit with us, but we also want everyone to exit safely from the other side.

Our cows are shaping up fairly well.  We have been blessed with the help and guidance of a couple of friends, and I think Tink will be just fine with them in the ring.  Little Bear gets to practice show, and she is all excited about that!  We aren't sure if she will show the younger dairy steer or Lady Bug, her buddy from last year.  It will probably be decided that day depending on which animal is behaving the best come show time.

I hope you all have gone out to enjoy your county fairs.  This next week brings on our fair, Benton County, and we are running up against our neighbor to the south, Tippecanoe County Fair.  That's my home fair.  I never took animals during 4-H, and didn't go through the whole ten years, but I could always be found out in the cow or hog barns with my friends.  Great memories, and I hope our girls start making some too.

Time to see who or what needs washed ;-)


  1. I know what you mean about waiting for hubby to be "on the farm!" We are gearing up for our local fair, as well. Our oldest son's beef steer weighed 1530 last week! We still have 3 weeks to go, so he's on a bit of a diet. Check us out at www.livingthedalylife.blogspot.com
    Can't wait to see your pictures :)

  2. Have a great week! Ours just finished but it's nothing compared to an Indiana fair :)



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