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Friday, August 30, 2013

Ooglit! (aka Sparkly Slime)

Back in the middle of July, Tink and I were trying to find some time to finish up her scrapbook project for 4-H, and Little Bear needed something to occupy her time.  Ooglit was/is the answer to my prayers!

Not sure where the name came from, except for its origin comes from the girls school, but this stuff is fun and versatile!  We used it to make a river in Bear's Dinosaur Diorama at the end of school.

Here is the basic recipe thanks to About.com Chemistry:

1.  Mix 1 teaspoon of Borax in 1 cup of water.  Stir until the Borax is dissolved in the water.
2.  In a separate container (We use quart zip-lock baggies) mix 1/2 cup glue* with 1/2 cup water.

*We have used white glue and clear glue then added food coloring and glitter, and this time we used new Elmer's new Glitter Glue in pink and blue.  There are other colors!

3.  Now we squeeze instead of mix in Step #2.  Pour the Borax water into the glue baggie, get most of the air out, and then seal it, and start squeezing. It should start "gooing" up rather quickly.

This, at least for us, is NOT an exact science, probably because I don't like pouring glue in my measuring cups, but it does work.  You will have some excess water to pour out of the bag, but soon you will have Ooglit!

We made it a bit more watery to use as a lake for the this dino-diarama school project.  The specks are green glitter that we thought might look like weeds of some sort.

Yeah, I guess I need to start checking Bear's bag more carefully because she packed it when we went to Hilton Head.  Little Stinker!

This stuff does hold form and can work a lot like Play-doh.  We like making a rose out of it!

Ours hardens up after a while, but it is still pliable, just not as slimy as Slime.  That's ok with me though.  I'm not too fond of gooey "stuff" in my carpet.  I know, I need to lighten up!  I've been trying to destroy this carpet ever since I moved in 12 years ago.  It does keep its pliancy if you store it in the fridge, and that makes it a great ...uhm....thingy/wrap to put on ouchies and sunburns.  Who knew?

Have fun, and Mr. Elmer's Glue peeps, if you see this and want to send me a variety pack of fun glue I would not be opposed!  We could make a lot of this Ooglit in my house if I turned the girls loose with your glue!  Just sayin'..........:-)

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  1. I LOVE the sparkles! That looks too cool and I love the way it holds shape. We have a road trip ahead of us and that may be a great thing to keep Yahoo busy!



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