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Monday, August 12, 2013

Popcorn Memories: Indiana State Fair

Popcorn has been a huge part of my life for just about as long as my mom and dad would let me have some! Actually, it might have been my Grandpa Lyons who first let me appreciate the versatility of the little kernels! Yep, I was about two and a half here eating a popcorn ball with Grandpa and my brother.

This big DUDE is one of the stars of this year's Indiana State Fair as it celebrates the Year of Popcorn! (Guess what!?!?!  One of my kids, Miss Stephanie DeCamp had a hand in make this! ) I also want to give a nod to all the hard-working people at Indiana's Family of Farmers who also made this big guy possible.

There is still time to go out to the Indiana State Fair this week and enjoy all the wonderful accomplishments of our 4-H members and those livestock shows plus open shows that showcase all the creativity and vitality of our great state!

We just received a cool new popcorn, and since all braces are off for the moment, it is a very popular treat to have of an evening around here.  I remember, "back in the day..."  that EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT Mom would fix popcorn and apples so we could snack through the Wonderful World of Disney show.  We rarely missed that show or the snack that went with it.  It was a tradition that even had its one bowl.... I think my brother has it now.

Popcorn has changed over the years.  We had a solid metal pan, plopped the oil and popcorn kernels in it, added the lid, and Dad would usually shake it like a crazy man until it was finished popping.  Then came this wonderful way to make popcorn.  I had to borrow this picture from the internet because it always 1.) cracks me up and 2.) draws a line in the sand for the generation gap.

Good ol' Jiffy Pop!  Now that was some fun cooking right there!  This poster really makes me grin!

So does this one, especially when we have our hot Indiana summers

But in all seriousness, popcorn is one of Indiana's leading crops.  It's healthy for you if you use butter and salt in moderation, it's great to eat, and it's a must have for movie nights or walking around a county or even Indiana State fair.  Our last movie we watched as a family was Temple Grandin's movie, and boy did Miss Bear eat that movie and her poporn up!

There is still plenty of time left to see our great Indiana State Fair.  I suggest you visit the new Glass Barn.  I will talk about that soon, but it is awesome some of my very dear friends have been working their hind parts off to make this newest exhibit a great success.

We have a lot of catching up to do, and I plan on doing that starting Wednesday when the big yellow bus stops to take the girls to school!  Woo!  Stay tuned for more updates and fun!

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