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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sigh.....And This Is One of the Big Reasons Why We Have Pets....

On the farm, our critters are pretty special.  Cattle produce food, dogs protect, and cats get rid of varmints. Any other critter that wanders on to the place is a varmint.  (I don't think I ever realized there was a "mint" in varmint????)

Right now, we have about 100 cattle, 1 dog, 1 inside cat, and about 16 cats in various sizes, ages, and genders.

Well today one of the cute little fluffs of fur did not get out from under a truck in time..... We were not at home, but we heard about it, and it always seems to fall on me to break such news to the girls.

Why is that?

Our Supreme Mother of All Cats went missing last week, and I presume she is now with God because she would never leave her kittens, and this little fluff, who Bear and Tink named Samantha, was one of hers.


So off I go to pick them up from school.  Yes, I spoiled them today because it's 2000 degrees on the bus, and after their hour ride, they are limp noodles by the time they come off said bus.  Dr. Phil says the car/van is the best place to have important talks, so I went with that and told them about Samantha about halfway home.  Bear took it the worse, and Tink was upset too.....There were tears, hearts broke, and Momma said a lot of "I'm sorry," and "I love you."  Still tears...  so I said, "Samantha is up with God and her momma, Lovey, is probably happy to see her."

Quiet in the back seat.......

"LOVEY IS DEAD???????"

More tears


Dear Lord, I could just not catch a break on this one.  I'm not sure where they thought she went, but I'm pretty sure she is not coming back.

I know some of you are still stuck on the SIXTEEN CATS ( and that's not counting the semi-wild ones in the barns).  I also grew up with Bob Barker and his "spay and neuter animals" sign off.  Sadie and Pumpkin are fixed, but out here in the country we usually do not spend a great deal on our outside cats.  The life expectancy of a cat living out in the country is probably at 2-3 years.  It's just the way it is between coyotes, raccoons, hawks, and vehicles, so we don't put a lot of money into them.  We do love them and try to keep them as healthy as possible, but their numbers just naturally fluctuate.

Having cats on the farm, or any animal for that matter, teaches our children about life and death.  Any pet does.  Out here on the farm, we get to see more of the beginning and middle of the life process, but the last part is all about the same.  Pets prepare us for what life will bring.  Birth, joy, and an ending of life.  It breaks this momma's heart when we lose cute little fluffs or valued momma cats.  I will be a total mess when Pumpkin and Sadie go, but it's a time to talk about life and its cycle and an opportunity to carry this on to the special people in our lives.

So God Bless Samantha and her momma, Lovey, for all the joy and happiness they brought to my girls and this family.  They will truly be missed.


  1. We also have a fluctuating number of outdoor cats, between 3-7. Seven must be the magic number. It's tough to explain, but is a good intro to the circle of life for kids. Good job Momma, for breaking it gently to the girls.

  2. That's one of the things I miss about living in the country, not the death part, but the daily opportunity for my kids to see the cycle of life...birth,death, etc. Hugs and kisses to your girls.



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