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Monday, September 2, 2013

If I Hear, "Gosh! You look tired" One More Time......

Sweet Nibblets (yeah, I just had to say that after Miley's crazy week)!!!!

Have you ever had to go on an emergency run for some life-depending "thing" at your house?

Between the girls and Tall Guy, it happens to me about once a week.

"Mom!  I need _______ for school TOMORROW!"
(The nearest Wal-Mart is about 30 miles away and now crawling with Purdue students!)

"Mom!  I forgot ______ at school, and it's due tomorrow!"
(I'm working on life lessons and not jumping so quickly or often on this one!)

"Honey, I need _____ for __________  NOW!"
( I have actually entered our John Deere dealership with a piece of corn stalk the length of the bolt I was supposed to retrieve ASAP!)

Now when these moment of crisis occur, not one of the people in need is too concerned about what I am doing or how I look.  Just sayin'...... They love me unconditionally and are even more in love with me if I can deliver on time.

Then there are the mornings...... You know.... Wake up the girls, get them fed, lunches figured out, backpacks filled with all the appropriate folders and papers signed in the appropriate spot, and shoo them on to the bus by 7:15.  Some days this even involves taking them in to school because I have something to pickup there for a school event or someone needs to take a project in....There isn't always time to put on "my face."

I even try to go minimalist as far as makeup goes, so I don't frighten people when I go totally without it.  Yes, I lived in the age of blue eye shadow, 80's blush and BIG hair that carried over to the 90's and all, and I probably still have some of that stuff upstairs, but frankly Peeps,


I do try to grab the mascara wand and maybe a bit of eye liner if I can, but sometimes my face goes out the door naked or with yesterday's attempt still smudged in spots.  It. just. happens.

Now I have known some girls in my 5, uhm, many years on this earth whose naked face I have never seen!
Not sure how they did/do it except they made/make it a priority.  Over the years, mine have shifted.

I would love to hear your cures for dark circles though.  I think they are the biggest reason for all the worried faces when they are exposed for the world to see.

Probably the biggest reason I look tired is because, GASP~!  I am actually going to say this out loud...Are you ready for it....


I am a 51+ year old mother of two beautiful and active 8 & 10 year old girls.  I am a farm wife.  I don't sleep well most nights.  I am probably a bit stretched in "extra-curricular" responsibilities that involve meetings after school.  5th Grade math is probably going to be the end of my abilities to help Tink understand it.  Bear's ability to think CONSTANTLY outside the box is frying my feeble cells as I try to let her explore her vast world in all the many roads she loves to take.

It's a bit exhausting to be a mom, especially an older mom with younger kids.  I love you all for being concerned about my health, but asking me if I am tired is kind of a redundant oxymoron.
(Yeah, the ol' English teacher can still use the big words sometimes!)

Hugs and Love!


  1. Cucumbers! Grow you some cucumbers! Eat 'em. Slice 'em and lay 'em on your eyes. Lock yourself up in your bedroom and TAKE 15 minutes to be alone in silence... with cucumber slices on your eyes. There IS NO brand of make-up that can do THAT good of a job refurbishing your energy and beauty that you spread all over the place for your family, nor wear on your face! You're not alone. And I don't know about you, but... I don't walk outside with ' my face ' on to impress our cows, either! As far as humans... they can deal with it or come help!! {Hugs!} Ya' need a bunch! Ya' deserve even more!

  2. Lana Are you on Vitamins if not I recommend a B+complex and take at least one a day. Taken them for years and can tell when I don't. Can't help in the make-up area don't wear enough to help. Good luck Dear

  3. Drink lots of water! I know, it's so hard to give up the pop and all the other stuff but water, water, water will really help your face and skin and overall look!

  4. I think you have a good reason to feel tired! You have so much going on! This is such a busy busy stage of your life. Do you get enough sleep at night? I keep my Kindle beside the bed and if I wake up in the night I read for a while until I can fall back asleep.

  5. I agree with Ann. I take a super multi-B vitamin in the morning and it really, really does help me. At this point (football, softball, church, homework, my schoolwork) I feel nuts. I am even getting up extra early just to get a load of laundry done. I feel your pain!!!!

  6. Concealer! I use it a lot under my eyes!



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