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Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Toy HighLIGHTING Food to GO to the Field!

This week I am trying desperately to catch up and play with a new toy.

I am participating in Indiana's Family of Farmers Table Talk Series and received this gift in exchange for my participation.  We are learning to take better food pictures for our blogs!  Here's to hoping I can figure it all out. It won't be for lack of trying or tools and tricks provided to me!

The rain that came through last weekend was enough to keep us out of the field for at least most of Monday. That doesn't mean we sat around catching up on DVRed new shows though.  The grain dryer was running, drying corn, bills need to be paid, stuff for the rumpus room needs to be figured out (like window placement), and Tink's County Tourney final game was all in that ONE day.

With all this craziness, I am very lucky that my guys are not too picky with what I fix them for lunch.  If we are inside, I might treat them to some "B's and G's" or a meal from the crock pot.  As long as it's portable and not too messy, they are happy.  Most of the meals I take to the field feature sandwiches. I can make them out of our own beef, hamburger or sliced roast beef, or they are happy with a ham and cheese sandwich.  Tall Guy and Grandpa DO draw the line at peanut butter and jelly.  It has to be a totally CODE RED on my end to try and send those out.  One unique tidbit bout my guys is that they don't like buns (the bread kind!).  Hamburger or ham, they want their sandwiches made with one or two slices of bread.  That was a hard habit for me to break.

What they DO take an interest in is the dessert part of the meal. Sometimes I throw in little Halloween candies and try to make it fairly divided.  I have sent out pecan pie and caught Grandpa switching meal containers so he could have the last piece of pie....Stinker!  I have a peach cobbler still baking in the over right now that will probably find its way out to the field!

I will also admit to relying on the little Dough Guy when I am in a pinch. Hey a chocolate chip cookie is a chocolate ship cookie, and theirs seem to raise up better than mine half the time.  Here are the last two and a demo of how I am learning to play with lighting through actual added light and editing tools.

I am pretty happy with new lighting tool, but I think I need to work on my focus.  As soon as a bit of free time breaks presents itself.......

In addition, when all the stars are in alignment, I will break out the bowls and spoons and make my own cookies.  Tall Guy loves his mom's Oatmeal cookies....Want to know a secret?  He loves them best when he spreads butter on the bottom of them.  It is not a cookie practice for the faint of heart!

Today, Tink left with all the 4-6th graders to stay overnight at Camp Tecumseh, so there was last minute packing, then I helped the guys move fields and came back to get the fuel truck to fill up the combine. With all this running around and pounding still going on on the other side of the kitchen wall, I'm throwing together ham sandwiches and dressing them up with Lays Potato Chips and mini candy bars because that's just the way my life is today.  I did, however, make HOT ham sandwiches :-)  My secret to having crispy bread? Fry in butter rather than spread it on the bread so that the bread doesn't tear with the knife~!

I think these divided dishes were wedding presents.  There were six, one has mysteriously disappeared, but one loss in 12 years is a pretty good track record.  The lids, when used, seal all the heat in because I know the guys don't always get their meals in a timely manner.

Again, I know there are many ladies out there whipping up terrific, more elaborate meals for their guys, but today, this will do.

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  1. My mother taught me a much easier way. Use room temperature butter, spread it on the bread then put it butter side down in the skillet, add cheeses, ham or whatever, butter the top bread the same way place buttered side up then when you flip the sandwich all the butter stays with the bread (No mess)



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