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Friday, October 4, 2013

The View from Where I Stand

This was my view for most of the day Thursday.  It was too wet to pick/cut anything, so we decided to transfer corn from the dryer bin to storage bins about 1 1/2 miles down the road.  My job was to tell the trucks when to stop, when to move, and keep an eye out for the predicted rain.

Want to see these steps from a sunnier point of view?

Remind me that I need to share the family pics we had taken this summer.....I don't think I have posted about them yet....That's how crazy it is around here!  Meanwhile.....

I spent a lot of time hiking up and down this lovely staircase, trying to get the right view!

We load two trucks, a Kenworth and a Freightliner.  The guys put K and F on the ground to give them an idea of where to stop initially and finish.  The middle is up to me.

Sadie is soooo my dog.  She assumed various poses, but she was always right below me, keeping an eye out on where I was.  She does the same wherever I go on the farm, even when I have to go in the cow lot to help fix whatever breaks down.

Besides Sadie, this little dude, PJ, rarely left my side, or should I say shoulder most of the time.  He loves to hang out right behind my neck and just purr.... Tink taught him that.  Hopefully PJ will stick around the farm for a while.  He is a smile-maker for the girls.

This stuff is call bees' wings, at least that is what the pink stuff is. The yellow bits and pieces are called corn screenings.  They shook out of the screen seen below on their way up the auger and into the truck.

 Because we thrive on the ideal of "Waste not Want not," these screenings are scooped up....

and stored in this wagon...

and will be mixed into our cattle feed :-)  Endings like that make Tall Guy and Grandpa very happy!

The rain did fall.  The first time was right at lunch, thank you very much, because other-wise Tall Guy said we were going to work through lunch until we had the bin full.  The second wave hit about 6:00-6:30.  It was kind of cool to watch it come.

Want to know why it finally decided to rain around here?  I'll give you a visual.....

Apparently it just takes us ripping the siding off the east side of the house to make it rain!  Wish I would have figured that out in July!  DRAT!  Yep, the "bonus room," "marriage compromise room," "rumpus room," or whatever we are calling it is coming right along in the middle of all my craziness.  I spent the last two days, when I was in the house, listening to the siding coming off.  It is NOT a soothing sound.

As I type this Friday night, the washing machine just clicked off for the third time, I found, chased, caught, and transported four kittens to school so they could be a part of Pet Blessing day, already went to church this morning because Tink served all week, and I hadn't made it in to see her, fed my farmers twice and moved them around, packed up 14 goody bags for Tink's TWO volleyball tournaments tomorrow, and tried to give Bear some Mommy time because her tummy has been bothering her, and she has a 10:00 a.m. soccer game here in the morning (if it doesn't rain) before we scoot on down to Lafayette for Tink's first volleyball game that should start at 11:30.  Tink is catching a ride down at 9:30!  Thank heavens we mommas can work out transportation issues with relative ease!  Second tournament is backup at Benton Central starting at 6:00, so if we play the last game in Lafayette that starts at 3:00, we might just make it to BC for warm ups!  If I can make it through to Sunday, I just might see another week roll on over by me!

Hugs and Love from the crazyhouse farm!

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  1. We can pray for each other! lol Our schedule around here is just as crazy! We do have fall break this week, so at least no school. But, sports NEVER stop!



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