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Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Santa, I'm in LOVE (with the Samsung Galaxy 4 from Verizon)!

First love can be so powerful....

Other times it just burns itself out......

Love can also be fickle.....

And that's kind of how I feel about my "old" first love, my Motorola smart phone.

It was my first love, and it lasted about two years, but in the last six months, I have just felt that love waning... Its memory is not as good as it used to be, it response to my touch is not the lightening quick snap like when we first met, and it, frankly, just can't keep up with me anymore....

It all came clearly to me when this new, shiny, AWESOME phone knocked on my door.... (ok, it was the FedEx Lady, but she did knock!)

Yep, I nipped this one from Verizon's page because I somehow took a picture of everything BUT the phone!

Thanks to Verizon, they have tempted me away from my first love to a newer, faster, better performing Samsung Galaxy 4!  LOVE IT!

Besides all the speed and longer battery life and quick connecting, this phone can take pictures....AWESOME pictures!

Sacred Heart 5th Grade winning the Benton County Tourney!  WOOOO! Tink is #13!

The whole 5th & 6th grade volleyball team making their traditional trip to a Purdue Volleyball game and running/rolling/falling down the Big Hill.

Boiler UP!

Two of my favorite peacocks,

It also takes GREAT videos!  I have never really taken videos before this camera, but it's addicting!  Now I just need to figure out how/where to store them!  This video is of the volleyball girls taking their traditional roll down the hill before the PU volleyball game.

Click on the link HERE to learn more about this awesome phone. There are soooo many other tricks that it can do.  I didn't even find the channel controller on my first go with it.  I truly could have played with just the phone and video for hours!  Even Tink taught herself how to take videos on it, but hers still look like you are on a roller coaster, so for the sake of those who are prone to motion sickness, I won't share any of hers!

Sigh.......It would make a wonderful Christmas present, I even tried out the LG 4G, but it just did not perform as well as the Samsung 4, so Santa, if you are listening........... PLEASE?????????  and Thank you!

Verizon provided me with the opportunity to demo these phones, but I had to send them both back, so these opinions are very much my own!  Thanks to Verizon for helping me decide on a phone before buying it, I mean putting it on my list to Santa!

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  1. Congrats 5th grade on the tourney win! I know I'm so behind with blogging and just trying to make my rounds and catch up with others! I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving! BTW, great pics with that phone....Take care!



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