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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just in Case You Were Stumped about that Oreo Cow....

First I have to say, this is NOT my creation!  I saw it on Dairy Carrie's Facebook Page, and I thought in honor of any prime rib that might grace your table instead of Good Ol' Tom, you might want to know this!

It's funny because Tall Guy and I were just puzzling over the name of the breed known as Oreo Cookie Cow yesterday!  We got the Belted part right, but all I could come up with for the second part of its name was Hampshire, which, of course, is a breed of pig that usually has a black front and rear with white in the middle.

There!  I have just mentioned three types of livestock that you could be giving thanks for tomorrow!  I suppose if I asked if anyone was making a Tur-duck-en, I could cover a few more bases!

As you drive off to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, and you see cows out grazing, see if the kids can pick out the breed they see.  (There are a couple of ringers in this chart!)  It made me chuckle.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from my house to yours!



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