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Monday, November 11, 2013

The VERY Last Day of Harvest!

We have been sort of done with harvest for about a week, all except two small fields, about 50 acres total, that are now as ready as they ever will be to come out. Tall Guy is beating feet, or tires, to get the last of our double crop beans in before this nasty weather hits.  For those of you in sunnier spots, our forecast reads nasty freezing drizzle any time after noon with "a bit" of snow to follow tonight!

Oh, and because I still love to teach, double crop beans are beans that were planted on top of wheat ground after it has been harvested, usually in late June or early July, so they are behind about a month or so behind in growth from our beans planted during planting season.  I should asterisk that definition because it all depends on Mother Nature as to when we get our first crop of beans in!  Some years the double crop are neck 'n neck, and that's not such a good thing.

Would you believe this is my first time all harvest seeing the world from a tractor cab?

Didn't make it in the combine one time, not even to ride this year for about 247 reasons that I will explain in posts to come, but I did get to drive this tractor....

With the auger wagon behind me, I had the daunting task of navigating it all between two buildings and a semi just to get it out of the barn lot.  I sure wish my friend Jent, From My Front Porch, would have been there to talk me through it.  I can drive the big combine, but the danged clutch/break pedals still bumfoozle me from time to time.  The end result, though, was a success!

I parked right where I was supposed to, and I even have witnesses........

Cows sure are curious critters!  I think they were a little proud of me....or they were hoping I would give them some more hay.....

And at the end of every good deed, is the long, well not that long, walk home.  And it's a very chilly south wind blowing here today.

Yea Me!  There are so many farmwives out there who drive a tractor most of the 365 days of the year, but I have never had to do this until the last few....I think I need to wait for the ground to freeze and practice more out in the fields.  That's where all the farm kids learn to drive any and all farm vehicles, and I am not too old to learn a few more new tricks.

Now to get the steaks out to thaw because we will be having our ALLELUIA! WE ARE REALLY DONE dinner tonight.  It's a tradition!

Hugs and Love from the chilly farm!

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