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Monday, January 13, 2014

Life without Internet is Like..........

Life without internet is like……….

How would you fill in the blank?  It’s one thing to “unplug” yourself, but it’s a whole different world when it is not your idea.  My how times have changed!

I’ve been sneaking on the internet here and there since December 26.  That’s when we lost internet and more importantly WIFI here at the house.  Not really sure why, and I was back on for about 5 hours last Wednesday, but when we came home from a quick run to Lafayette that night, no one could log on to the system. You could insert a Charlie Brown scream at this point!

I know this is probably stating the obvious, but we are quite dependent on the internet around here.  From paying bills to getting notices about school, practices, and meetings, the internet has become an important life line.  I had a situation where we had sold a cow for the freezer, and I needed to get ahold of everyone to tell them to call in their meat cut preferences.  Well, I had done all of this on Facebook, and I didn’t have everyone’s phone numbers.  I tried to go through the White Page phone number finder on my phone, but my signal wasn’t strong enough, especially with the snow storm raging to get enough signal to make it work.  I finally ended up messaging a friend to FB this mutual friend to get in contact with me on my phone to get it all figured out.  CRAZY!  What happened to using the good ol’ phone? 

Tall Guy has a cousin who emails rather than use Facebook.  We were friends on Facebook, but I didn’t have her email, and trying to get information out about the family Christmas was a challenge.
Speaking of Tall Guy, he is a unique piece to this puzzle.  He has a cell phone, but it is not a smart phone, and he’s being rather determined about keeping his cell phone for as long as possible.  It is sooooo agonizing to try and text on that thing!  He would rather people call him than text or email him, but I am afraid he is going to be left in progressive dust of future communication. And just to be......well……..a guy about it all, he will grab my phone to look at the markets and weather apps!

As long as I don’t go over my data plan, I think I will make it until I can be unlimited on the internet.  I can still check Facebook, post Instagram pictures (you can follow me there.  I’m ibcfarmgirl), and communicate, but for now, I’m writing more blog posts on Word and waiting to do the copy paste thing once my connection is solid……

I may take up meditation or yoga until then to find my inner calm!

We had to make a run to Illinois and left the internet guy here.  When we came home, we had internet!  Tall Guy had 83 emails waiting for him, and he is almost beside himself as to how to cope with that number.....

Silly Tall Guy! ;-)  He should get a smartphone!

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