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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Thoughts on Thursday

Sorry, I know I am supposed to be sharing our tour of West Baden Springs, but it's not quite ready yet, and I just wanted to reach out to whoever is still out there reading my blog, or more truthfully waiting for my to post something.

Even if you are not from my neck of the woods, I still think the entire month of January can be summed up in one word: WEATHER!  Snow, Wind, Cold are other popular choices with Delay, Postponed, and Closed in hot pursuit.  It's been a challenge, especially on the farm.  All the cows, kitties, and one very spoiled dog are faring well so far, but it's been a lot of work on Tall Guy to make sure at least the cows are cared for and have the fuel and shelter they need to survive these bitter conditions.

When I haven't been surviving enjoying this enforced family time (no school), I've been sharing space with some great guys working hard to finish the addition to our home.

I thought, today, I would just throw out some random thoughts and ideas for future blog posts, perhaps again...I'm having a deja vu moment here..... and then try to climb back on this horse.  So here we go...

*  Just saw this on Facebook, and it brought tears to my eyes as I watched the 8+ minute video, then I promptly shot out a couple messages to a couple of my local communities to see if we could do something like this with our girls.

This Will Forever Change the Way You Look at "Selfies."

*  I so need to learn how to go beyond the "Auto" setting on my camera.  There are just so many fun, cool, amazing moments to be captured, and I want to learn more.  There IS a BUT here.  Miss Sarah from This Farm Family's Life shared a site with me that I am going to go back to and start reading closely.  The entire content of this new blog (for me), Click It Up a Notch, is great, but here is what hooked me:

"Why I Am Putting Away My Camera This Year"

*  So excited and, well dang it, PROUD of our fellow RFOA pal Jennifer Cambell for her new adventure into Ag writing for Prairie Farmer.  She writes on her blog, From My Front Porch, goes by Jent to her friends (my husband calls her Boots), and it pulls out all her talents to talk about farmers, farming, livestock and all that goes on in front and behind the scenes.  Here is her latest and greatest , and do you want to see some awesome symmetry?  The Brian Scott she mentions in this article used to hang around my classroom door and wait for his future wife to come out so he could walk her to her next class!

UAS: Big Benefits for Farming Operations 

Ok, and now for some possible titles for future posts on this blog:

Seriously????  How Many Shades of Sage Are There in the Paint World's Color Spectrum?

Measure Twice, Cut Once.....or Twice....Sigh.

51 Has Been a Royal PAIN in the Neck and A$$! (or Why Is Down So Far?)

I Hate Clutter......REALLY!

The Life of a 5th Grade Girls' Basketball Mom

Will This Carpet Ever Die?

Photography Adventures with Miss Bear

I Miss My Blog Friends

"What's for Supper Mom?" One of the Top Three Dreaded Questions I Have to Answer When Asked.

and maybe "Tall Guy! Why Is There a Mink in My Freezer?"

There, and I should have added "Trip to French Lick: Part 2."  Gonna go work on that later today.

Love and hugs to you all, and stay warm where you are!


  1. :) Why is there a mink in the freezer? I want to see that one!! (Funny, cuz growing up in my family that wouldn't be a surprising event at all!)



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