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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beef Weigh-In

Whew!  Today was the day!  Beef Weigh-in for all 4-H calves in our county and Newton County.  We share the same space when we have this little gathering.

First we had to load the moos up.  While we were waiting on Tall Guy, the girls played with some of the barn cats.

Yes, Columbus is a cat, really, and no he is not on any growth hormones.  This dude is just one big chunk of cat!

Squeakers is amazing.  I'm so impressed that he made it through all the harsh weather.  Not only is he healthy, but he is growing!  He is no longer the runt of the crew.

Yeah, I think it would be nice to live the life of a cat and just nap whenever the mood strikes.

Beef weigh-in really sounds just like what it is, and then a bit more.  First the girls registered to show cattle in our county fair.  The next step is to bring them all in to be tagged and weighed.

This procedure keeps a record of all cattle for the fair, and keeps everyone a bit honest.  This cow today will be in the fair come July.  You don't have to show them all, but others cannot be added in at a later date.  We registered all four calves to both girls because we are not sure what the best matches in temperament are yet.

I didn't get any good pictures of our calves with my good camera because Tall Guy would tag me if I wasn't ready at a moment's notice to help him as we loaded and unloaded our four calves.  Thank You Samsung 4 for making such an awesome phone camera!

Cowgirls come in all shapes and sizes.  These happy faces will be walking 1200+ lb. calves in to the ring in about five months.

Now, if they haven't yet, it's time to play "Get to Know Your Calves!"

Stay tuned for further adventures!


  1. Your girls are just darling! And that cat is a monster. :-) Good luck with the moos. Such good training for your girls, teaching responsibility. Love it.



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