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Monday, February 24, 2014

Roll with It Baby.......

I just love this song!  Makes me want to get up and dance and stroll right along with the video!

Well today, Monday, has been a day.  My calendar is starting to freak me out with big events and due dates starting to loom, but I always seem to drop what I am doing when my phone rings in the morning!

"Hi Lana, Would you like to sub today in P.E.?"


I am the world's biggest sports fan, but world's greatest athlete?????/ Not so much.

I was supposed to teach them basketball skills, which is a total stroke of ironic luck because I think I know it all when I sit and watch a game, but walk the walk..... I'm thinking the Good Lord was ready for a great laugh.....except he granted me a grace period today.

The gym of our little private Catholic school serves many purposes in our community, and one of those purposes is to house dinners after a parishioner's funeral.  And that is what happened today.

And so my humility was spared, and I became the computer lab teacher for the day because the mighty powerhouse of a teacher I was subbing for does both these jobs plus supervises the library, AND has three little boys.  Sheesh! Is that all?

The computer lab is a Mac lab, and I haven't conversed with Macs/Apples in a long time, but we muddled through.

If you ever have some spare time on your hands, I strongly recommend that you sign up at your local school as a substitute teacher.  It is especially meaningful to do this job in the school your kids attend because you get to see how they interact with their friends, and you learn just how much teachers do in a very short amount of time.  Our largest class is 22, and the smallest class is 6 or 7....That small class can seem like many when they all get wound up at the same time.

Little ones are the best at rolling with the flow, and we big kids need to take a breath and just roll with it, dance through the crazy times in our life as they present themselves.

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  1. Being a sub is a tough job! I am not sure I will do it after I retire from active teaching! lol



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