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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


As you might remember, Tink played two sports this fall, soccer and volleyball.  Soccer was all about the fun and learning, but volleyball...well.....we kept score! AND WE WON 5TH GRADE BENTON COUNTY CHAMPS!

The very next day, these young ladies turned in their volleyball jerseys for basketball jerseys, and we parents started trying to find ways to keep our cool, because girls' basketball..............


See?  It is not for the parental weak heart. But we had an AWESOME season!  This was the girls' third year playing together and with four incredible sixth grade girls.  I still cannot tell you the win-loss record, but...

we did host a 5th grade invitational tourney at our school, and despite a raging snowstorm and bringing the whole team over here to eat lunch, our 5th grade team beat two teams that had beaten us earlier in the season to win our very own tourney and trophy!

Not every basketball player gets the opportunity to cut down a piece of the net, so this is a big WHOOP for our girl!  Tink was not the top scorer, but she hustled, set some picks that made this momma's heart stop then whoop, and she gave it her all.  They all did; every game they left their best performance on the floor. SO proud of her, her teammates, and her coaches for all the hard work and progress accomplished this year, and I can't wait to watch them come together for their final season as Sacred Heart Cardinals next year.  These young ladies ROCK!!

(These games and practices and tourneys were a big reason I kind of neglected my blog this fall and winter, but a Momma has to do and go and be what a Momma has to do and go and be.  I learned how to try and run the scoreboard, but I'm a bit too emotional to do that on a regular basis!).

Best news?  Soccer practice doesn't start until August!  Now to get all our 4-H projects lined up, started, and finished between now and then!  It's always an adventure........


  1. Go Tink! My daughter is a sports player, so I understand the time it takes!

  2. Yay for Tink! While it sometimes seems exhausting trying to keep up with our active kids, I always remind myself that these days will soon be over! In the blink of an eye, we'll be dropping them off at college... then what will we do every afternoon and weekend?!?!?!
    And aren't we so blessed that they are healthy enough to BE active?!?!
    And God bless all the wonderful coaches along the way :)



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