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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Massacre in My Kitchen!

Sweet Nefertiti!  This is not blood.  No one died, but it IS red velvet cake mix as it comes in contact with moisture from my kitchen sink.......... It gets better!

That is not .....uhm ...really organic material; it's burnt chocolate.

And this IS, unfortunately burnt chocolate in my pan.  Sigh...... What a waste!

This is what you were supposed to see.

Everyone was just raving about Miss Sarah's Valentine's Day Twist on Puppy Chow (click on the link for the recipe) over at This Farm Family's Life, so I thought I would make it for Bear's class party.  Miss Jent, over at From My Front Porch, calls this stuff "Puppy Crack" because she just can't make it fast enough.

I cannot seem to make it at all, at least on the first or second try.

Last night, after a day of two trips to Indy, picking up the girls from my wonderful neighbor's house because Bear wasn't feeling good at school, a 4th grade girls' basketball game, and finishing everyone's homework, (p.s. Bear was absolutely 100% A-OK by the time I got to her and still is to this moment), I thought I had better mosey out and make the treats for her Valentine's Day class.

Obviously the first step of melting chocolate went about as poorly as both the Russian and USA men's skaters did last night.  I gave UP!

Cut to this morning. I thought about Jent's suggestion of melting the chocolates in the microwave, so I decided I would try it one more time.  It took longer than she suggestested, but IT WORKED!  WOOOO!  Just as I finished stirring the last unmelted pieces together, the phone rang.....it was the girls' principal!

"Mrs. Wallpe, I know this is short notice, but could you possibly come in to sub in the pre Kindergarten class this morning?"

"Absolutely!  Be right there!"

It was 7:30.  School starts around 8:05.  It takes me about 10 minutes to get to school, BUT I wasn't quite ready to go out in public, and I finally had my melted chocolate ready to go!

So......I poured it on to the Rice Chex, stirred and blended, and poured the red velvet cake/powdered sugar mix on top of it, and then realized I usually do this step in a BIG baggie....CRAP!

I put one bowl on top of the other, had the presence of mind to go to the sink first, and just shook the stuff back and forth , up and down, and maybe sideways until I thought it was coated.  The clock said 7:40.

I plopped the bowl down, dashed upstairs to try and manage my bed head, decided my jeans would have to do, grabbed a red shirt, and took the extra minute to find the" hearty" earrings I always wore to school on Valentine's Day when I taught, and flew back down stairs.  It's now 7:45. This is how my kitchen sink looked and remained until 3:00 this afternoon!

Ushered (I'm pretty sure the girls would have a different word or two to describe this process), but I did usher them to the van, only to find they had not grabbed their Valentine's Day cards.  Tink found hers first, Bear thought Tink had hers by mistake, and I'm trying not to yell


Hmmmm..... I might have actually said that outloud in about that voice.  Finally found Bear's cards, and we flew to school, arriving just as the first bell rang.

The blessed little group of 4-5 year olds were adorable and took it easy on this ol' high school teacher.  I even witnessed one girl tying her shoe for the very first time by herself.  I was right there with her!  How precious is that?

So Ms. Beckie Farrant at Infarrantly Creative, I listened to you yesterday, ( that's me in the white with a red sweater thingie on.  Thanks Cris Goode for letting me snag your pic!)

and I am sharing all the chaos and calamity behind the scenes of a story that has a happy ending.

Final results:

Perfection is where you look for it, and you know what?  Two bunny ears, one chasing the other one through a hole, come together to make a bow, and that looks an awful lot like a heart!

Happy Valentine's Day.

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