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Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Inedible Items Are in Your Freezer?

Like everyone out there, I have had a variety of things in my freezer...

Snowballs, flowers, small zip-lock bags of garbage (until it was time for it to go out because it was stinky!), meat, fruits, vegetables, meals, desserts, and ice.

I think I have told you about my two freezers, but we do have a third, kind of one on stand-by in case one goes wonky, or we have an overflow, or get the urge to defrost the one that gets frosty....

The other day, Tall Guy looked up at me and said, "OH!  Did I show you what I put in the freezer?"


He gets a big smile and looks about as happy as a twelve-year-old kid with his first rifle.....

"Uh-Oh....What is it?"

"Come on out here.  I have to SHOW it to you."

With not a little bit of worry, I found my shoes and traipsed out to the garage with him.  He goes to our second string freezer, and pulls this out.  Nephew Jay, this was right next to the rest of your beef!

It seemed small, but why the black bag????

Ok, here is the big reveal:

That, my friends, is a mink!  The poor guy found himself on the wrong side of our live trap, meant for varmints like opossums and raccoons and, the occasional, sometimes frequent, skunk.  The night this guy walked in was a cold one, and unfortunately he didn't make it.  Kind of makes you wonder since he did have on his mink coat....

Well, he's still there because we don't know quite what to do with him. He is fairly well preserved, so TG is making some calls.  Stay tuned!


  1. Not nearly as weird, but I have those DNA kits for the kids in case the unthinkable happens. I consider that a strange thing to keep in the freezer.

  2. Brad's friend is an avid trapper and they always have all kinds of wild animals in their freezer right next to their meat. I can't do it!

  3. hahaha! I have a friend whose husband works for an Holstein Breeding company, it's not unusual for their freezer to house a cow uterus or two...



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