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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And the Winner is.........

My first winner did not get back with me, so I am drawing again......

This time Angie Frost is my winner!  Woo!  Stay tuned Angie, and your book will arrive very soon!

I am trying to get my blog posts lined up and ready for you all.  I am working on a series of posts about the newest addition to our house!  I also want to chat with you about some important health issues I've been dealing with.  They are not serious or even life-threatening, but the whole deal is a royal pain in the backside.

I'm also hoping that Mother Nature finally cuts this area some slack and allows us back in the field to plant our corn and soybeans!  As of tonight, we have just 150 acres planted, and those acres include our silage and sweet corn.

Please keep those folks living in Tornado Alley in your hearts and prayers. I'm waiting to hear back from
Ashley from Deep South Kikos News.  This lovely family with their goats, beautiful dogs, horses, and icky, humonsterous rattlesnakes hale from Brooklyn, Mississippi. That puts them pretty darned far south but still in the line of fire for those bad storms!

Stay tuned for more fun coming your way, and I love hearing/reading your comments.  Keep them coming!

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