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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How Three Gadgets Saved My Vacation Happiness

New gadgets ROCK!  My friend Kyle at Verizon  recently sent me a fun box of toys to play with over spring break.

The first fun item was a MotorolaSonic Rider.  It’s a Bluetooth in-car speakerphone that allows you to talk hands free on your phone while driving AND listen to music!  That last part caught my attention because Tall Guy will NOT spring for Sirius or XM music in the van L  With this handy little gadget, I could connect my phone to it via Bluetooth and listen to music from Pandora.  Oh.Be.Still.My.Heart! We always drive south to Florida, and one (of my many) pet peeves is listening to a radio station as it starts to go out of range. I STRONGLY DISLIKE scratchy noises!  Then there is the added aggravation of trying to find another station that plays the music we want to listen to.  Usually we go country, but with my new hook up to Pandora, TG was rocking out to Def Leppard as we cruised over the Smokey Mountains!  BTW, the girls didn’t quite know what to think of this music station.  “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” and other hard rock tunes from that genre just didn't fit their idea of parental music... Hee hee!

The next toy Kyle included was a HUGE life-saver, a SamsungGalaxy Tab 2.  Yes, we do have an iPad, but only one, so the loner tablet meant both girls could be entertained with games when the scenery was boring, and/or they were tired of watching movies.  No one asked to play on my phone! Whew!  One less battle to settle while on an 1100 mile trip (one way!) is a check in my Happy Box!

The last goodie in the box is one that I am using as I type.  It’s called a Mophie, and it is a charger for electronic devices.  It can go Mac or PC with two outlets to use, a USB port and a micro USB (the  little thing goes in to a device).  Anywho, no matter what its name is, this little dude is charging my phone right this minute.  I forgot to plug it in last night, and our electricity went out around noon today.  The same thing, well at least the first part happened to me while we were in Orlando.  The day we went to Disney was the day I woke up to see that I had not plugged in my phone!  ACK!!!!!  I planned to use my phone as my camera (Samsung 4 phone ROCKS in so many ways!), and let Bear have the little camera to take pics potentially for her 4-H photography project.  I just slipped Mophie into my purse connected to my phone, and in a couple hours it was back to a full charge! Thanks Mophie! 

Thanks, again, to Verizon for allowing me to test drive these new gadgets.  You can find them all by clicking here.

The views I presented in this post are my own.  I did not keep these devices nor was I paid for the thoughts shared in this post.

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