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Monday, May 19, 2014

7 Questions for You on Monday Morning

1.)  Can anyone explain the computer game Minecraft to me.....uhm...or is it Mindcraft?

2.)  If they both only take up about one week each on our calendar, do you think we could just get rid of spring and fall?

3.)  Is there a way to stretch out jeans that fit fine one week yet seem to be a size to small the next week?

4.)  Do your kids love asparagus?  (Our girls do!)

5.)  Tulips or Iris?

6.)  Liquid Downy or dryer sheets?

7.) Michael Jackson real or MJ via hologram?


  1. 1.) No - I always pretended I knew how to play.
    2.) No - these are my favorite seasons........ wish they were longer!
    3.) Yes, air dry them after you wash them! Works every time ;)
    4.) No kids here but I didn't like it as a kid. I do now.
    5.) Tulips but Iris do make a nice green backdrop all summer... tough choice
    6.) Neither! Downy clogs your septic. Dryer sheets are one of the number one fire risks in your home. I use the dryer balls from Norwex! Makes my clothes sooooooo soft. For scent, I sometimes drop in those perfumed beads.
    7.) Is it bad that I don't know what either of these are? :)

  2. i would love to live where it is ONLY spring and fall! it's seriously depressing when we get so little of them. this fall felt good, i think. like it actually graced us with its presence.

    and tulips. always.



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