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Monday, May 12, 2014


ACK!  I invited everyone from RealFamrwivesOfAmerica to visit my blog and see the posts that led to the big reveal of our new room, and they are all still in my DRAFT file!

AND I am trying to use new sections for my blog, but I created them and added them before I put anything in them!  OY! Hang in there folks!  I have the best of intentions........

I'm so embarrassed!  But in my defense, Nature called me away from my computer.

We had one good week to hit the fields and plant and spray, and that's what we did.  I'm not equipped to blog out in the great outdoors, and there's rarely a connection anyway so it would have been an exercise in futility.

Here's what I have been doing via my Instagram posts.  I will get those other construction posts up ASAP!

An impromptu tailgate moment in the garage cooking a steak to share and celebrating the finish of spraying all the bean fields!

My hands, dry scratched and messy from a day hauling chemicals, picking asparagus, still trying to get the graphite out of my fingernails, and delivering lunch with mustard on it.

Finishing up the corn planting!   Graphite in the seed bins to help it go through the planter, boxes of seed, and bags of refuge corn, corn that is not bug-proof.  Side bar..... We plant refuge corn with our anti-bug corn so that the bugs do have a bit of a food source and do not become immune to the insecticide we use on the majority of our field corn.

Riding with Tall Guy and learning the steps it takes to spray the bean fields thanks to John Deere's auto-guidance system and GPS!

Enjoying a sunset.

OK, I'm off to start these "drafts" and share our fall/winter house project!  OH!  You can follow me on Instagram for the latest, greatest, craziest, impromptu thoughts, sights, and events.  Look for ibcfarmgirl; that's me! And if you want to see the end of the story first about our new room, click on the RFOA link at the top of this post.

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