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Friday, May 30, 2014

Back to Walking

Whew!  Life has finally slowed down a bit, enough that I can get back to my morning walks.  It's been a while, so Sadie and I ventured down the windmill path just across our road.  It's about a 1.75 mile walk, and I can stretch it into 2 miles if I walk around the barn lot a time or two.

In that short walk, Sadie and I can learn a lot about the farm across the road!

First off, the waterways are doing great and will be ready to cut for grass hay soon.

Waterways are important to our farm.  They are created because in heavy rains, the water naturally flows into these areas.  Growing grass here save  us the frustration of having crops drown out in heavy rains, and the grass serves as a filter for the water to run through and clean itself as it moves toward ditches and through tile.

It's also a nice place to stash our 4th crop and great lawn ornaments!

This walk was taken a week or so ago, right after a few days of rain that ran our rain gauge up to 4+ inches. See how the grass keeps the dark dirt, the good, rich top soil, from floating on down the stream? It kind of looks like a snow drift.

You can see how the water flowed through the field to feed in to the waterway.

Because we had just had a lot of rain, it was easy to see who all had been walking down our path.




 Hopefully, you can see the tracks of the deer as they J-walked right through our field like they owned it!


Whew!  Upon closer inspection (I can't believe I actually got closer!), this was a plastic tube!

It's smaller relative, the worm!

and, oh yeah!  CORN!

The cracks in the ground tell you that it got hot after the rains, which it did.  The corn is a bit more yellow that we like, but when we got the rains, it was cooler, and that combination makes our corn yellow.  It's nothing a bit of sun and heat won't green right up!

Have a great weekend!  Go out and take a walk.  You never know what you might see!

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  1. Nice walk! I like the lawn ornaments and, seriously, I thought that was snake skin at first! lol



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