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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Date with Tall Guy......

During Planting Season, quality couple time is pretty darn scarce, but the other evening Tall Guy asked me to out with him for a ride.  Aw.........

It was in the gator, and we were head out to the corn field to look for tile holes, but hey we were out there all by ourselves, the sun was setting, so we will count this one as a date!

As a little background, farmers are putting more tile in their fields to drain off excess water from rains.  The crops need water, but too much can flood crops out or stunt growth.  A wet field also means no tractors can go out to work ground or spray.
This picture shows a hole were tiles were not connected correctly.  When this happens dirt gets sucked into the tile and create weak points in the field or holes!

Here, you can see old clay tile and new plastic tile.... We saw the disconnect where water was flowing, but I apparently neglected to take the picture!

This next one is my favorite: Tall Guy "out standing" in his field.

 This shows where ground is settling around the tile, and this could be a potentially dangerous spot to keep an eye on.  You wouldn't want a tractor or combine to fall into this depression.  It HAS happened in the past!

Flagging another hole.

One tile line emptying into the ditch.

Looking east, you can see where the tile line is and the subtle high and low points in the field.

Dadgum Coyotes!  Grrrrr!!  We do NOT like them!

Dang, it's a little swampy here!  Potential plugged tile.  We will have to watch this as well.

Where all the water from the field drains to is called a drop box.

A little blurry, but you can see how the waterways all flow to this point.

As our date comes to an end, so does the day.


  1. This is the perfect kind of date!! I must say, I absolutely LOVE the photo of tall guy outstanding in his field............. definitely canvas perfect :)

  2. i love the pic of tall guy in his field, and though this was an unconventional "date" i love that you are looking at it that way. maybe the boyfriend and i were on a date when we were building the patio....?

    1. It's all good when you are able to spend quality time together!



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