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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

HOT off the Press: Keeping It Real on the Farm!

3:30  I get home from a meeting.

3:30 - 4:00 I rest and cool off from this heat (I don't do heat well).

4:00  Make our bed with the clean sheets I put in to the wash before I left.

4:20  Catch up on FB and e-mail

4:45  SHOOT!  I should start supper before we take off to our evening meetings!

5:15  Look at the recipe Spectacular Roast Chicken and Vegetables and realize it needs 45-50 minutes to bake/roast/ get done.

5:15 Start prepping vegetables and chicken.  Tall Guy comes in, sees supper isn't ready, and decides to go out to the BACK cow lot and try to fix their waterer.  First, though he takes me down to the basement to make sure I can turn off both water sources before he goes out.....this is BECAUSE he always does that man-thing of screwing a valve as tight as he possibly can then usually goes off only to come back because I cannot make the stupid thing budge!

5:30 Finishing or trying to finish cutting up chicken when my phone rings

"Ok, Honey, can you run downstairs and turn on the water...."

"Yep"  said while trying to wash off slimy chicken stuff from my hands and then off I go downstairs, cell phone in ear to turn one source back on.....

"Looks good Honey!"

"That means I can go back upstairs right?"


So back up I go to finish chopping chicken, washing my hands first of course.  Just finished the last bit and started to wash hands (again) when my phone rings..... I do that two-fingered-pick-up-your-phone thing when your hands are still wet and/or icky.

"Can you go back downstairs and turn the water off?"


Down I go again, and turn off the water....and wait....turn the water back on,,,,,turn the water back off....

"Still need me?"


Up I go as quickly as my tired legs would take me, toss the chicken in oil, put on top of veggies and just as I am putting it all in the oven, (It's now 5:45), my phone rings....


"Could you go back down and turn it off one more time?  I think I know what's wrong."


"Sure, no problem....."

Down I go....turn water off.

He thinks it's really working this time....

I say a silent threa  prayer, and pull myself back up the stairs.

Dinner will be AFTER our meetings...

This is just a brief look into my husband's secret mission to help me get back into shape!

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